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We've got two more local cyclocross races left this season....Sunday January 4th is the second year of Epic Holiday Cyclocross. We've got an expanded course with some more cobbles and a little more turf. Warm changing area and registration and post event Smokestack Series Ale.
We'll finish things off with the Grote Prijs Shawnee. The venue at Herman Laird again gives us warm shelter for post race activities in case the weather turns foul, some good beer, and we'll hand out the Series60 prizes. With two races left in the series, and two challenging courses, there are opportunities to still move up (or down :)....We should have updated series points in the next day.
Oh yeah, because of the success of the New Year's Eve race, several of us are talking about adding another event or two for next year's "Christmas Week" of veldrijden!

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More races would be great!
This weekend's Grote Prijs Shawnee finishes up Series60CX for the Kansas City area. This is the 4th annual of the event (not counting the inagural 'underground' version). Weather looks decent but expect some slop in the corners plus a couple of nice runs. The heated Town Hall is ours for registration and party...expect Smokestack Ale and a variety of chili. The Series awards will be handed out after the final race (roughly PM finish); lots of good merchandise. So hang around and enjoy the fun until. We should have series points up at asap.
Yeah, you better be there sucka's! It's the last race of the season. After this we'll have to race on pavement with snobs or up steep rocky hills on heavy bikes with big tires, goofy flat bars and crappy beer.
I can promise you that if I am at a rocky heavy bike race there will be at least some good beer!
if it wasn't for us snobs...there would be no cross. (history)

Hey, after the cat 4 race, I will be out there shooting for the paper, so look Pretty!
How about a picture of me drinking a beer and being snobby?
You have to actually ride before you can sit around and look snobby
Hey Mark are you still riding on the train tracks without a seat? I actually plan on dusting off the Surly and going to practice tonight.
last race of the season? that sucks, i demand that more races be added! oh, and i'd like to be allowed to win them too.
If we stick to our plan we can win them all bwah hah hah hah hah!!!!
ah yes, "the plan." let's see if we can get it to work a bit better at grote prijs.


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