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I hear that parking is a real issue at Nat's already. Anyone have any insight or ideas for spectators planning on going Saturday and Sunday?

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The word on the street is there is no grass parking at the park, that will drasticly reduce the available parking. I am wondering if anyone has heard of ofsight/shuttle type parking.
For now at least there is no parking on grass. I had no trouble parking today.
There is designated parking just past the entrance to the park. It is a large parking lot at the soccer complex. I'm sure parking on Hampton Rd. won't be allowed after today.
You might have to park at Zona Rosa and ride your bike.
Yeah, actually drive up the road to the soccer complex like Joe said... PLENTY of empty spots up there. That'll change come sat, sun.

Bill told me that they now have permission to open up the grass on the lower level. (as of this afternoon, KC Parks may change their mind come morning)...get there early. Carpool. Be courteous.
There was parking up top, no one bothered driving up there.

The road was crazy. I thought they were towing cars parked on the west side of the road?? Parking will be an issue on Sat and Sunday with more spectators. Cars were parked out past the low bridge today when I left.

"Carpool", yeah that would prevent you from riding your bike. It's completely possible to park along the road north of the upper parking lot entrance. plenty of room there. People just didn't bother coming up that far.

PS; Good race today to all the SKC guys, JB, Pat, Richard and Rob!! Um, if I missed any sorry and good job to you too!!

Richard's bro Joseph is our east coast UCI ringer...he raced too.


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