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Okay asshats who is racing and what days?

Mike- we need to figure out where to plop down the "mothership" for the officially unofficial beer tent ;-)

I am in for the B 30-39 on Thursday
Saturday's is a coin flip for me.

Let's go racin'!

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Teresa races on Friday. I race on Saturday. I enjoyed a Pale Ale handed to me by Bob Clark as soon as I crossed the line last year. Seems to me the appropriate rehydration drink.
Agreed! Immediate hydration is the key to the BIG party on Sunday.
I'm in for Thursday and Saturday. Susie is still deciding between Thursday and Friday.
I'm in for Thursday 20-29. Still debating about SS on Sunday. It's gonna be a long week even if I don't race Sunday.
thanks for all your help on the race Joe!
Racing Thursday and Saturday as a 36 year old.
I'm the late show on Thursay. Friday will depend on the outcome of Thursday...i.e. If I'm able to locate my legs after they're ripped from my body by the dudes sandbagging the "B" race.
I will be concentrating on hydration Sunday!
Sunday I am racing the Missouri State Championships in Hermann.
Thursday 40+ B's
Friday - Christopher races Juniors.
Saturday 40-44
Sunday Single Speed.

4 races in a week. I guess my mother did raise a fool.....
I will be there all four days cheering you on, and taking pictures. I will be there with music, my conga drum, and noise makers. I also wish Christopher and Chris good luck this weekend in Hermann. Fired up for next week. See you on Sunday at the pre ride! Lanterne Rouge
Master B's 30+ Thursday.

Cowbell and special hot chocolate on Sunday!!


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