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I'd like to give a big thank you to those involved in the local cyclo-cross scene this year. Mark Thomas for the greatness. Mike B. and Theresa for the clinics that got this newbie started and addicted. This is by far the funnest cycling I've ever participated in and a lot of great people made it possible(and Boulevard too). Thanks again.

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Appreciate the comments...but don't make my big ol' head swell even more. There are a ton more that make the Kansas City Area scene what it is. We had three well attened local series (that's amazing) with tons of awards spread out over the population. Chris Locke was the driver behind a fantastic DeStad Series, with some fresh venues. Jeremy Haynes and Joe Fox (and pals) gave us Boss Cross that was Boss, plus played a big part of making the Nationals venue deluxe. AND Bill Marshall gave us the BIG SHOW plus was a generous patron of the grassroots events. Jeff Unruh and Mike Berning's events were the core of getting Series60 going, and motivated me to go crazy and promote 3 post Xmas races: adding those to Jeremy's Boss Cross 3 let us end the season Belge style, but it never would have happened without the above momentum.
Then we had the folks that add the flavor: Roger Harrison on the mic (plus guest appearances by John Lefler) the food organizers like Heather from The Wheel Cyclery and the refreshment organizers like Joe Parker.
But none of this happens without cool sponsors and cool folks that help with the grunt work of pounding stakes and stringing tape AND are willing to plop down those entry fees.
please go to all the series websites/blogs and look at the list of sponsors and buy the hell outta their products and services and in doing so make sure you tell them it is because of their support to the races. this goes a loooooong way. thank you letters don't hurt either. hint*hint
What a fantastic cross season! Thanks to all of the wonderful people that made it happen, cheers to the 2009 season!
Ditto. I posted a similar thank you last nite as well, but being stupid, or just shelled from the day, it went to a general discussion forum, so likely has not been seen. So, I'll copy/paste, along with the original link:

While I’m still endorphined up and experiencing a low blood alcohol content courtesy of those great Boulevard kegs this afternoon, wanted to toss out a word of gratitude to those who made this a grand CX season for KC. We’re fortunate to have so many altruistic folks here giving up their limited time working as hard as they do creating quality venues so guys like me can just show up, race, grab a bit of food & drink, & return home feeling good without doing anything more than bringing my gear, a checkbook, & a tattered license.

I don’t believe any city within a day+ drive has the strong advocates we have here & the full race calendar, consequently, the need to make it known it’s not taken for granted.

So, kudos to Mark, Mike B, Chris, Jeff, Tige, Roger, the volunteers who help them pound the stakes & acquire the food & other amenites, and attend to all the minutia. Ditto to the Sponsors! Apologies for those I should also have mentioned in the above list. Anyone, feel free to reply if you feel the same or to shoutout someone else deserving credit. Tim B.
Well put Tim B. My season ended 2 days ago and I'm already thinking about how to be stronger/faster/better for next season! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

And a personal note to Roger - you captured a moment during the non-nationals masters race of my brother and I racing. Perfect timing, beautiful photo, and most importantly, I was still in the lead! Thanks man!
I would like to thank my wife Carolynn Locke and my son Christopher for all of their help during this past cyclocross season. Carolynn spend countless hours cooking, cleaning and preparing food for hundreds of cyclist - this is a full time job alone. Both of the are out there the days before a race helping me organized race supplies and pre-registration. Not to mention helping load up hundreds of stakes, cones, podiums, banners, barriers, tents, etc. She is rarely recognized or thanked for all she does. But she never complains (unlike myself :-))

Without her and my son's help and support I would not be able to sink and all the time and effort into this great sport. Thank you both.

Chris Locke
Hey, I'm sure she would appreciate some jewlery as well. : )
I got Carolynn one of these for Christmas. I don't think she really appreciated it.....


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