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So with no "local" races on schedule what are you doing?

Going to Nebraska?
Heading to the "Lou" for Bubba?
locking yourself to your bike for a hard core training bloc?

We are taking the weekend off and just easy ride stuff with a focus beginning next week on Nationals.

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Hanging out with the family and might check out "Quantum of Solace" at the theater. A ride around Sarco Park will definetly happen though.
I think everyone needs to go to Nebraska. We can make one big party. It will be a good test to see how much beer you can drink and how well you can race with a hangover. I am getting kicked out of my house for the weekend so that will be where I will be at this weekend
Ah come on! Come see us! It' going to be great weather and an excellent course.
I wish I had the greenbacks to head north, but I will be staying in K.C.
With any luck I will be a sleep deprived, diaper changing zombie by this weekend.
I remember those days Chard. It just gets better from here on out. It's kind of like taking care of an invalid aunt or something right now.
go on a race road trip with's kinda like taking care of him!
I need a cuddle every once in a while, that's all. I can change my diapers all by myself like a big boy now.
I'm looking forward to another nice weekend. Sunny and in the mid 50's, Is this really the midwest? There's no official cross race so we need to create our own this Sunday. I'm good to go around 2pm. Either Gilham park or Leawood would be my first two choices.

Tyler, I'd go to the NEB with you but like Mark I lack the $$.
Doin a Bennetti's Coffee ride from mi casa on road bikes

Good altitude gain, perfect ride for Nat warmup.
who let this guy in here?!

get some crusty!
No racing for this old dog. I stunk it up bad!!! the last two weekends so I need a break. A couple of long road rides, some time with the family and work on my latest design for portable stairs....look for a debut next Wed. at Laird.


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