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The good ol' venerable Leavenworth HS course. I am ready to roll! See you there!

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Who wants to carpool??? I'm racing 3/4's at 10:30.
I'm in what time do you want to meet? My house is a pretty good stopping off point on the way to Leavenworth. I can fit four in the truck with a reasonable amount of comfort.
car pool? gas is like 98cents/gallon...LOL...

i'm racing Masters I think for the rest of the series
What? Only one race per day? : )

Okay Mark, if you don't mind getting there early...again. I'd like to be there around 9 so leave your house at 8:30??

This race might warrant use of the "warm-up" tent. You got the tanks full?
Tank should have enough gas for one day. We better leave closer to 8:00. When I worked in Leavenworth it took me 45 min to get there.
I'll be riding outing out from north of the river if anyone wants to join me. It'll be part gravel, part road. Good way to get the legs warmed up.
When you "worked" in Leavenworth, like making license plates. ; )
Ha Ha i worked in the kitchen if you mus know :)
oh mercy help us! I just heard that Roger himself is designing and laying out the many times can we go through the hot dog tent?!
You mean we get to have snacks during the race? Yummy!
did someone say free lunch????????????????????
The weather is shaping up to be more cross like from what I understand. I am starting to get excited, after taking last weekend off I am ready for more cross goodness!!! See everyone Sunday.


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