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The good ol' venerable Leavenworth HS course. I am ready to roll! See you there!

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Once we have THESE type of conditions...THEN it will be cross weather

That would be cool!
actually it sucks ass. you need to go to the car wash, not for your bike but for you. nothing but a full body douche at a carwash bay will get you clean again.
I'd let you give me tongue bath. So far, cross is the cleanest racing I've done.
How about that race huh? That was the LOOOOOONGEEEST Masters B race EVER. They did more laps than the 3/4's.

The course was fun, if you had the legs for it. Man, fast flats and good short climbs. No pavement needed on this course. The hill with the barrier killed me every lap. Also plenty of crashes to keep the race fans coming back for more! Hope everyone came out of them OK. Glad they finally took out the stairs.

See you all next Sunday.
That last race was a long one. My poor son started to bonk the last lap. I kept telling him it was his last lap but he still had 3 more to go....

See you all Sunday and don't worry there are no stairs......just the Mound of Mercy....
Will the mound of mercy include money?! ; )

After the race today, a couple of us stopped at a local brew pub called High Noon. Not a bad place. I had a fantastic chicken fried chicken. Mark it on your agenda for next Sunday before leaving town.
I really enjoyed the course, until I superman it over the bike on the up hill on the last lap cause my rear skewer broke. I just want to make it threw a race without crashing or braking something.
we have barriers. we don't have barriers. WTH?! I overheard someone say that the officials didn't realize that a downhill dismount was illegal until it was pointed out? Is this true?

In all candor, the use of those stairs in that fashion was completely irresponsible and dangerous. Roger, you want to ask me to wear a helmet while riding to the bathroom,(or fine me $50, which is BS) but in the same breath make me dismount at speed onto concrete steps. NOT COOL.

other than that, the course was cool and had a great dance beat. 3-stars!
The stair run was not a very safe obstacle based on that approach. Here's the reall skinny on 'downhill' dismounts. As far as I can see there's nothing in the USAC rules that says you can't have such a thing. What you can't have according to the UCI rules: 5.1.023 The course may include no more than six obstacles. Obstacle shall mean any part of the course which is likely to require riders to dismount.....
Descents of flights of steps may not be used.

That said, downhill dismounts are rarely used in modern course design. I think that based on the "acrobatics" clause in both the USAC and UCI rulebook, any official could modify the course for safety. And should. it's always very very tough to design a course if you haven't actually ridden the thing. AND had input from other riders of various abilites. AND at race speeds. I had a lot of fun, but yeah, the stair approach was sketch.
I "heart" this forum....

thanks Mark for the look-up.

it does surprise me that none of the 3/4's (and if they did, i apologize) complained about this. when i arrived the 3/4's were on course, and i was watching as Josh Taylor was carrying so much speed his momentum was causing him to go all the way out to the grass and run along the side, as Roger says" on the stairs gentleman." Red flag moment?

Again, I am not "hating" on anyone, i just like to see a tough, yet safe course for all to race flat out on. We as promoters have a HUGE responsibility for the racers when they are on course. Tough job it is. Input leading up to a race from open rides or just a group of friends recon the course is invaluable.
"I take full responsibility for this error in judgement". I watched the racers at that location and noticed, "in my opinion", that they did not slow down enough to make the corner, they did not appreciate the difficulty involved. I did not, however, note the rough terrain on the approach. After seeing a crash there, I decided that it was to dangerous and closed it off without informing the chief official. That was an error also on my part. I am glad that I made that decision but disappointed that I did not make it earlier, I am glad no one really got hurt. Joe Fox also pointed out a problem to me, in the back area with the logs. So I have learned a few lessons but gladly not at any riders expense, injury. I do take note of the "BS" statement, but remember that is a USA Cycling Rule. In all candor, "irresponsible", that I am not, as I take full responsibility for what goes on at any race that I am involved with. Your opinion is noted, and next year that will not be an issue at that location as it will become a parking lot and a new athletic facility. Glad that some of the course was enjoyable. Next week is Chris Locke's course, so hand over the expert or the GURU of Cross. I am Roger Harrison and I approve this message. Note! Bill Stolte, you forgot your Veterans Medal.


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