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Okay this is the list to watch. If you're going out for a fun day in the park no matter how short the notice, post it here. Cross is always more motivating when there's others to ride with.

Chard has some great spots for cross riding even an after dark park.

So watch this thread for updates and post your own rides so others can join in.

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We'll be playing under the lights tonight at Herman Laird (in Shawnee). 6ish for warmup, then 6:30ish for a little 'fake race'. I'll probably drop a few cones to give us a different than usual wear pattern. If it's raining we'll still have to lay off this one.

P.S. if you come by tonight Albino, remind me to give you those other tires. Will there be beer after? I'll chat with Mikey.
It's chilly and it's damp. Perfect for riding cross biks. I'm going to roll around LeaWood park today around 5:30, come join the fun. There's lights so we can ride on into the darkness. We'll have barriers if Chard is available.
I'll be at leawood city park tomorrow, the 11th at 5:30. Will have barriers. Riding no matter what. Mother in law coming in town and wife has ordered me out of the house!
I'll have $ for lights and barriers to hop.
Dang it. I have a stupid staff meeting at 6:30. Who's fault is that? Mine! I'm the one who scheduled the dang thing. Maybe I'll come out early and leave by 6. Not to jinx things, but isn't it going to be a little wet tomorrow?

I'm a "maybe see you there".
Hope to see you there. I need some motivation to ride in this weather.
My wife told me to train in it if I race in it.
"My wife told me to train in it if I race in it."

Ouch, tough words. : ) You should have been at Leavenworth. It was your kind of course. Hope the training tonight went well. I'm stuck on the rollers for a few days. Maybe I'll see you at Leavenworth this Sunday??
my wife is a tough talkin chicago broad! Great ride tonight. It was warm (with a LS fleecy skinsuit and embrocation).

Yeah, it was a tough race to miss, fast flowy course. It was my first good result last year - but the conditions were extremely different. No race this weekend either. Preparing for the new baby. Hopefully this time off will be good for healing all my little nagging injuries before Nats.
Sorry you'll have to miss Sunday. Keep up the "training" for Nats.

I'll post something if I get out to ride this week! Glad the ride tonight was good.

are we at Shawnee tonight?
I think we should be OK at Shawnee tonight. We just want to watch the low spots and a couple of corners.
Friday night lights!

It's perfect cross weather, cold and damp! I'm going to leave work around 4:30 Friday to ride Leawood park. There's lights so plan on coming out when ever you can. I'm planning on being there around 5:30. I'll probably ride for an hour. No set course, just random fart licks like last time. See you there!!
Okay, can't leave work like I thought and it doesn't look like anyone is willing to brave the cold and wind anyway.

I'm canceling on myself and all you others. I'll just ride the rollers in the basement tonight. I'm not too sure how I'm going to prepare for the spiral of despair on roller? I guess if I set them up on a rotating table... :)


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