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Where you at?
It's gray outside, leaves are changing, Cross-the-Way is sticking it out again this year.
We've got the USGP up the road again.
I'm busted up, won't be able to defend any title.
Where you at?

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I plan on racing up that way some. Not sure how much CTW I will do, but for now here are my plans.
9/25-26 BTF1/2... maybe?
10/23-24 USGP Louisville
10/30-31 Memphis weekend
11/6-7 McEwen
11/14 Outdoors (Memphis)

Mostly racing CX1/2, might mix in some M35+ and SS as the mood strikes / fitness permits.

Wife and I are booking a hotel for the first Dec Cross-The-Way race. Should be a lot of fun. Heading into CX season with a much better base than last year (plus the fact I missed most of last season to work in Asia).

I am considering going pro this season.

Seriously, though, my fitness is a little lower than it was this point last season, but over the last few weeks my training has been progressing nicely. I've mainly been building frames and dreaming of sub-90-degree weather. I'm racing pretty much all the Freak and CTW series, McEwen, maybe the Memphis Halloween weekend, and maybe one or two in the Tri-Cities and Georgia.

Oh, yeah, and the USGP, definitely. I'm really looking forward to the sixth-row callup in the 3's...
You're building? Steel? Cross? I want one.

USGP is better from the back of the pack anyway, last year I started in 96th. Much more fun working through the crowd than just trying to stay ahead of it.
Yeah, man. Let's talk sometime when you've healed. You can drop by and see the shop, maybe test ride a couple bikes.
That would be epicos. Email me?

I'm around the end of the month, what's your race schedule?


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