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Can't get enough? Busy some weekends? What about a little informal race (with legit marking, run-ups, barriers and mud) Wednesday nights? I've been honing in a great course out at Charlotte Park over the last year or so and I've just about got it the way I want it. I've been out there a few times with flags and the whole deal and it's been fun but lonely. I'm out of town most weekends so I'm hoping we can do a weeknight session. Tuesday or Wednesday seems ideal, Thursday feels too close to the weekend (and I'm gone a lot of Thursdays). I'd probably modify the course so it was a little shorter, but it's super twisty and will make for a great practice session. 45 minute race, A and B group at the same time (B's could just go 30 then yell at the rest of us). Post race beers at my place just around the corner? If I get some commitment I'll fire up the Kegerator and paint my barriers just for you all. Post up, let me know if you're interested, what time would work for you, what day, etc... I promise the course is sweet and offers a lot of handling obstacles as well as some year-round mud (you know you want to get muddy). Weeknight cross session, it's a no brainer. Let's take the "practice" out of the equation and start racing.

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Link to the course map and Charlotte Park
I'd be up for it, but Wednesday is right out for me. Any other night would be great.

How's the lighting at Charlotte park?
Would love to join but Wed would be only good day and I work at Harpeth till 6 so it might be hard to swing. Keep me updated and I'll def try to as much as possible. Love the idea though.


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