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Anyone have info on the course details or exact location?

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looks like you go into the main entrance off hwy 68

sad I am going to miss it

good luck
Any photos of the course? I've raced motorcycles there numerous times over the years, and I'm trying to figure out how they'd do a CX layout on the track grounds.
As many of us saw that showed up, the laguna seca course was up up steep-up Really steep up, steep-up up, then a little flat, then DOWN!

Fun, but not on a 42x18.... I'll have a selection of gears for next week at mclaren.... WOW! Whatta eye opener. Would have loved to race my geared bike though, as the course did have some slight tech aspects to it that helped me out, and I'm confident I coulda climbed that beyotch every lap in a 39-19 easily being there was a lot of time to recover. I just could not push my 42x18 up the super steep section on the climb, so was forced to run the steepest section each lap, which sucked :(

Fun race though, I'm blown up today!
yeah, I had a 42X26 and it was fine.

I saw some SS'ers really suffering up the pavement. I almost had to reach out and keep one wobbler from falling over.

Word on the street is that McClaren is going to be a different course because of maintenence being done in the park. Hopefully the steep climb remains, I could do with out the long run up however.

Laguna Seca race pics:
Awesome! Thanks for linking the pics :) Never knew ncncaracing aggregated em, that's pretty sweet!
that hill- I'm sorry, that was just plain lame. Sure, I was riding a single speed and sure, I suck, but still... out of place in a cross race. Pretty good stxc course but cyclocross? No.


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