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I'll be bringing my SS up from SoCal for next Saturday's race in Fairfax and was wondering if any of you might have some info on the course - gearing, tire choice?

I'll bring quite a variety of gearing in my toolbox but won't have much pre-ride time before the 3pm start. As far as tires I have tubs in the FMB SSC Sprint (file tread) and Challange Fango variety and Michelin Mud 2 for clinchers.

Thanks, and hope to see some of you there.

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The course initially goes around a baseball field with some barriers mixed in, through a parking lot, then a short technical off camber uphill. Next is a steep runup and then some bumpy technical sections through a creek/ditch. A climb and then descent back to the school on asphalt. Through the school all cement and then over some barriers and back to the field. When I raced it was dry and fast. With the rain this week the field will be mushy. The rest of the course should be pretty fast. Most of the dirt sections are hard and bumpy. They could change the course layout but they don't have much room to work with. Generally the course is fairly level but your are never really able to get a big gear going because of the technical nature. Hope that helps. Good luck!
That helps a lot, Thanks.
I'll probably run 41:18 with my file tread but hopefully will be able to have time to pre-ride and make adjustments if needed. Can we pre-ride while other races are going on (provided no crossing start/finish and yield to racers) or only between events?
Pre-riding during other events will probably not happen. This was a big issue one time so they are tight about it now. Hopefully you will be able to get in a few laps here and there. That gearing sounds good.
Yeah, our SoCal officials have cracked down on pre-riding and hand-ups. Although I agree with it, I'll take advantage when I can.


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