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Is anyone else running into brick walls with sponsorships this year?

Man, I've been hitting up all the big companies that should have been slam dunks and they're all saying the same thing: (1) we've already spent all of our money for 2009, or (2) we've had to cut back this year. No product support, no cash, no frickin' course marking tape. What gives!!!

Anyone else having much luck this year?

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I don't know where you've been hunting, but I've raised so much that I've been able to commission tiaras and crowns (jewel-encrusted, of course) for all podium placers, and I've also been able to coat my barriers in 18k gold. Sure, they'll dent up easy, but we've got so much cash, I'll just buy new ones for each race.

Or maybe not.


P.S. I don't have anything. Jewel-encrusted crowns will more likely be construction paper drawn on by my 3-year old. Gold barriers will actually be YellaWood rejects. Good luck out there. And we still need to talk. I have one request and one request only. DAJ
I'm in the same boat with the when it comes to $. Companies that helped last year are cutting back... I even got on the ball earlier this year than ever (actually, some as early as November/December of '08).
well, we don't consider ourselves a "big company' but we'll do what we can. give us a few weeks to figure out things but we'll try to help out!
Wow! I really wasn't fishing when I put this out there, but if you guys can help I'd be happy for it. Anything you can do is much appreciated.


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