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Does anyone have a good CHEAP source for stakes to hold up race tape?

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You're kidding right...?

rent them from pioneer events.
I didn't know you could rent them. This is my first race. I'm in the MABRA region, but I'm not a part of the series. The MABRA Cross trailer is huge and I can't find anyone with a truck big enough to tow it. We don't really need all the stuff in it. I've already contacted Pioneer Events, but could you give me a quick summary of how it works?
The best price for "step in poly posts" I found last year was from Lowes @ $1.75 each. It can start to add up fast. I needed qty 500 for my race and Lowes couldn't deliver in time. I ended up getting them from a ranch supply store in the area (Murdoch's) for around $2.00 each. Good luck!
The step-in posts didn;t exist when we invested in course equipment in 2003 so we used the Sea Otter tradition of: masonry pin, 18" or 24" long with gray electrical plastic conduit cut to 40" length and capped. I don;t know what "cheap" would be for anyone - the pins are approx. $3.00 each and the conduit poles/caps another $2.50
We have several thousand dollars worth of that equipment on our trailers - enough to cover most of our events.

We can totally tape our shorter courses (2,200 yards for our night race and 2,700 yards for others) but for our long courses like GG Park (3,000 + yards), we augment with cones in some areas and always have steel fence for finish line.
For premium visual locations like run-ups and barricades where we want to string soft mesh fence, we will use longer pins at intervals (30 or 36" long) so we can string cord between the pins to help hold up the mesh fence - it prevents fence sag.

We get our 3" course tape from Southern California - Arthur Enterprises, 1,000 foot rolls $12.00 when you order in quantity.

Tom Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports


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