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What gear ratio do you guys use?

Currently I run 39 x 17 only because that is what I have lying around the garage....

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I'm going to run a 38 x 17 this weekend and see how that goes.
I just got back from Smithville. We might want to add a few teeth in the rear for next weekends CX Festival . There are more hills than I thought :-)

I run 40 x 16-20 depending on the course. 40 x 18 is my default gearing.
I ran 39x18 at Chriscross, seemed good for a flat course.
You racing SS at Smithville? I think it will be a good course for a single speed.

I am going to try a little smaller gearing at the Wednesday night pre-ride. Smithville course has 183 feet of gain per lap. Course was a little wet and slow last night. After the pre-ride and some drying out it will be a nice fast flowing course.
Here in norcal we usually have flat courses, so those I run 42x17/18 depending. If it goes up fast, I now have a 38 and 40 tooth front chainring... I learned my lesson last weekend ^_^
Just curious as to if you'll be at Candlestick this weekend and what you'll run there. I'm planning on a 39:18 and am pretty strong on the road. New to cross. I ran a 42:18 at Laguna Seca and that was brutal. I could go 39:16 without spending any more $$.

Any advice greatly appreciated,

building my first 'cross bike now and planning on running 39x18 for the mucky muck and 39x16 for fast dry courses
have the white industries eno dos 16/18 rear freewheel as well as a surly hub and open pro wheel with a 15t shimano freewheel.
that's a strong gear. I'm getting too old to push something that heavy so for most cross races I'll use a 40x20. At the 2008 Iron Cross I ran a 38x20. Whether you opt for better climbing gear or speed on flats, the Iron Cross will never let you finish & say "yeah, that was the setup"
38 x 16 for flats.... x 18 for hills.
I run a 38x18 but my White Ind free wheel is a double so I can easily swithch to 38x16
I must be crazy cause I run 42 x 20 and this is my first year racing single speed and I have been very happy with it. Also I race single speed every time right after I finish racing 3/4.


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