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I am having a local frame builder design a cyclocross frame for me with paul horizontal dropouts. 


I have already ordered a king SS hub with 130 spacing. King tells me that i can set the cog at 45, 50, or 55 spacing for chainline purposes. i believe the hub comes with a 1/8 18T cog. 


i have not yet ordered a bottom bracket, crankset, and chainring. I had no idea about "chainline" until i started doing research today on ordering these parts. Considering my rear hub setup, what are some of my best options (or favorite options according to users of this website)?  


Thanks guys!



Nashville, TN




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Those chainlines are set up for std. road cranks, track cranksets or cranks with external bottom brackets. you have free game, if you are running paul track dropouts, chances are you are doing a sweet, more "old school" parts build, i am thinking you will have great luck with a white industries SS specific crank. I currently use a force crankset, but people are quick to judge  because it looks cheesy with the chainring on the inside on the tabs. So stick with a SS specific crnkset. another option for durability would be the sram omnium crankset if you wanted to run  an external bb
You can fine-tune the chainline to increments less than 5mm...the hub must come with 5mm King spacers or something for them to tell you that...get some spacers from an old cassette and you can dial it down to 2ish mm increments. Get any road double (thinking external bearing here), mount the ring on the inside, and get a bash guard for the outside for a clean look. That gives you 43 or 44mm chainline, I can't remember exactly which off the top of my head. I have my SS set up that way with a 42t ring and bash guard on external bearing Dura Ace 7800 cranks and am very happy with the setup. Your cog is probably 3/32 not 1/8, by the way.

Most any road crankset will do. My favs, looking at price / performance are the Octalink BBs and cranksets. I currently have an Octalink BB and D/A crankset. If you race frequently in crazy bad conditions, I'd tend to steer away from external BB, as they seems to need a lot more maintenance than the cartridge style with minimal gain. Not really an issue of your racing is generally dry, as it is here in the midwest.


Chainring is up to you. I tend to use whatever I have around, which is a combo of older BMX rings, a traditional 39 road ring, and Salsa or some such rings. Being that there's little to no horizontal pull as you have on a geared rig, ring choice isn't that big of a deal, though a little on the beefy side won't hurt. Just be sure it's a non-ramped ring. And you'll want to be sure to run 3/32" chain and rings, as I don't believe you can get 1/8" SS cogs (I've looked pretty extensively in the past).


Best of luck, sounds like a nice rig.


I am using an FSA Carbon crank.. with ISIS bottom bracket. Its super light..  Very happy with it.



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