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What is it?
A friendly challenge based on sportslive's "trap challenge" but this one is for horse racing.

When is it on?
Whenever there is an evening meeting in the UK or Ireland - see scheduled challenges below.

Where do I enter?
Just reply to this thread with your selections for each race and you will be entered into one of the groups - see below for more details.

How do I enter?
You need to post your selections for each race of the meeting. You can only have 1 selection per race (and 1 reserve) and you have to make one of them your NAP - ie. best bet. The better your selections do then the more points you get.

How do I score points?


Horse finishes 1st in any race = 5pts
Horse finishes 2nd in any race = 3pts
Horse finishes 3rd in any race = 1pts

* NAP = you get double points for your NAP(best bet) so 10 points for the win, 6 points for 2nd and 2pts for 3rd.


Should you be one of the people who selects the biggest priced winner on the night t any one meeting then you will be awarded 5 BONUS POINTS. This only applies to the Group Stages.


If you request that your non-runners go onto the fav then you will score no points for that race. Only if your selection and reserve selections are both non runners will your selection then go onto the SP favourite.


If you are 1st in your group at the end of the night = +5pts to your total
If you are 2nd in your group at the end of the night = +3pts to your total
If you are 3rd in your group at the end of the night = +1pts to your total

* in the event of a tie for bonus points the person with the most 1st placed selections will be deemed the winner. If these are equal then it goes to the most 2nd places and then 3rd places. If all the above are equal then the points for the winning positions will be added together and then divided out equally.


* when you first post your selections you will be randomly entered into one of four different groups.

* if there are any late entries - either after the first race or "extra" entries the following night - then they will be put into a random division aswell.

* Your total points at the end of each meeting will be recorded and added together. After the Wolverhampton meeting on the 20th of this month, the top two in each group will progress to a knock out stage.

Dating Melbourne-Dating Melbourne

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