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all of my cross stuff and start position for sale

I didn't make it to BEND this year. I am registered, have killer start positions and just couldn't mentally make the trip. I broke down... maybe I can win the Single Speed RALIEGH Frame instead of a Stars and Stripes jersey.

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Location: pocatello, id


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Comment by StefanR. on December 19, 2009 at 2:52pm
;)) good luck!
Comment by sam krieg on December 16, 2009 at 11:25am
so far i have been offered 10k cash... I passed it up. I hope the ten thousand people that checked out the ebay auction got a good laugh. It was super fun to see all the questions and thanks to all the emails of support. I am back on the bike riding in the snow. Working on my skills for next year. still a few days left in the auction... so feel free to bid.
Comment by Chris Stuart on December 15, 2009 at 9:11pm
Holy crap this pic has 13,000 hits, that is more than there is cross racers in the world. I wonder if SVEn has seen it?
Comment by sam krieg on December 13, 2009 at 5:37pm
2009 Bend Oregon Cyclocross Nationals Equipment:

I can hardly believe all of this stuff fit in my car. Don't hate the player.... hate the game. I am looking for a good home for all of my cyclocross gear. You will need a large garage or basement to house my collection. With the 2010 cyclocross season 9 months away just think of all the time you will save if you buy all of my stuff.

My loss is your gain. I am selling everything I own that involves cyclocross. I had the car packed and was headed to Bend for cyclocross nationals. The weather report and course conditions sounded brutal. I searched deep into my soul, and I have become too soft to finish my 2009 CX season. This sport has broken my heart and crushed my dreams for possibly the last time. Everything must go. Everything is included. If you win this auction you will have everything you will ever need to race cyclocross, and look like a complete pro. I have decided that I enjoy buying cyclocross stuff more than racing it. So do me a favor and buy it all. Unfortunately for me I will probably buy most of it back piece by piece on Ebay later this summer when my mental stability and optimism return. Maybe I will return in 2010 rocking the one cog? Just think how much simpler and cheaper that would be. My motivation is high.... my spirits are low. Everthing listed below is real and is yours if you BID.

The first 2 items you get are priceless. I am selling a front row call-up to the master’s 30-34 race. Last time I checked….. I think I have the #1 call-up and it is yours. Yes, you will be #1 for at least a few seconds. Front damn row! I do not have the skills to ride ice or snow so to be honest I have no business toeing the line. It is all yours. I have spent thousands of dollars chasing top 10 results at nationals, and now you can line up front row for a fraction of what I have invested. I probably have more money invested in that front row spot.... than the price of this entire auction. Gallons of sweat and thousands of miles ridden at threshold were the price for that front row. It is all yours. You won’t have any excuse. If you don’t win you will have to look in the mirror and say you suck. I can’t deal with that right now. You can have my demons. Just think…….You won’t have to show up early to the start. Actually, I would show up late just to walk through the 100+ racers who have to start behind you. Be sure to enjoy that moment. It will be the only fun you will have during the next 60 minutes. You will also get a UCI call-up for the ELITE race on Sunday. It won’t be anywhere near the front row, I sort of suck…….. but you can pretend with the other semi-elite, self sponsored, wanna-be, never was, not really elite racers that you stand a chance of not getting lapped by Page and Trebon. I will drive to BEND and pick up my numbers and pin them to your 2 NEW skin suits. Yes, you get 2 long sleeve skin-suits. These are super snug and show off your junk quite well. Each come with matching gloves, helmets, shoes, socks, and undergarments to keep you warm. You will look bad-ass I promise. One even has fake abdominals, so you can stop doing your core. Fire your coach now. You have made it to the big time. I also have 2 cans of instant tanning spray. You need a good tan if you want to look super ripped and fast.

Did I mention you get 3 bikes. Yes, I was so obsessed that I bought 3 cross bikes. All 3 are S-Works with full Dura-Ace, XTR, Paul’s brakes, tubular tires, etc. All 3 will get you a profile on PLUS ONE LAP for being sub 17 pounds. You will be the envy of weight weenies everywhere. You can Pre-ride on 1 bike and keep the other 2 clean as new. Did I mention you get wheels. Tons of wheels. I have no idea how many sets I have. I have every Tubular tire made. Dugast, Grifo, File tread, Fango, ETC…. The list goes on……. I have been searching for the best tire set-up for years so I just bought them all. I am in

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