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I finally bought a Motobeacans Fantom Cross. I spent $799 from I have traveled about 50 miles thus far, and have a few things to say:

1) The bike is pretty good. I got the 64cm model, and don’t have any rubbing on my shoe like allot of the other riders are saying.

2) I bought some plastic strap-in pedals. I thought that I had them secure today (my 2nd ride). I was feeling SuPer pUmPeD this afternoon, and started slaying away at the miles across rural CA. Once I was good and isolated-(about 10 miles away from any kind of pavement) my right pedal started to warble--and I flipped out! Luckily I took my multi-tool with me, and was able to make the adjustment with minimal delay, or damage to the bike.

3) I hear that the Kumba tires are pretty good. So far I have to DISAGREE! Why? GOATHEADS! Shorty after I made the repair to the pedal (about 1.5 miles later and further away from any kind of help) I got a frikin flat. My rear tire was full of Goat heads, and immediately I regretted not upgrading to the Armadillos I so badly wanted.

In my PuMpEd state of mind I did not grab a pump on my way out the door--so I had the tools and tubes--but no pump. Big lesson learned today. 1) If you plan to off-road.....get the armadillos EVERY TIME. 2) Always bring your frikin pump DUMMY!

Lake Millerton Triathlon is coming up in a couple of weeks! Can’t wait! I’m upgrading my old "beater bike" into a "speed daemon". Ill post pictures and a blog after the race.

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Comment by Keith on March 28, 2009 at 6:13am
Drewybyrd-don't know about those Kenda tires but I lucked onto a good combination. The Ritchey Pro Cross tires with the Slime Lite tubes. That tire tube combo is fairly light. The tires have some flat protection and the Slime Lite tubes add more extra protection. The Armadillos are nice but they ride very, very rough.
Good luck

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