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I wore my Garmin during today's race and put the track into EveryTrail.
Here's a link, hope it works:

I was seriously beaten down again but I had a great time. Super workout too, my HR was around 167 for quite a while.
Thanks to the coordinators, it was a blast. Not sure if I can make next weekend but I'd like to do the final race.

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Comment by Kat on December 4, 2010 at 5:42pm
No pics for this one, sorry.
The hardest part for me is getting off and getting back on the bike with some sort of flow. A lot of riders make it look so easy. I've been watching vids (thanks for posting them) and practicing but it's harder than it looks.
The most fun is the atmosphere, knowing that there are a lot of people just as crazy as I am that want to keep riding when the temps drop below 40 degrees. There were a lot of newbies at both races I've done so far and it's nice to see everyone expanding their bike horizons. It can be a little indimidating to ride with the guys as we did in the second race. Some of them are so damn fast. I just tried to focus on my riding and on having fun. My Mom came to watch me and despite tha fact that I'm of adult age, I appreciated it. I like that the sport is spectator friendly. I ride and occasionaly race dowwnhill mountain bikes and my family has never seen that. For them to drive all the way to the race to stand in one spot and see me for maybe 1.2 seconds isn't all that exciting for them.
Thanks for commenting Andrew, I appreciate it.
Comment by andrew on December 4, 2010 at 5:24pm
any pics? what was the hardest part of the race? what was the most fun? always looking to relive that noob experience and make sure I'm in touch with all our readers.

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