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Rode DCCX today: my first CX race AND first competitive cycling event all at once. I cannot believe my good fortune in starting out on this race. Yes, I bit it a couple of times... all remounts. There were only a few dead-leg moments.


My undying gratitude is owed to the couple who shouted for me to come closer to the right side tape riding one descent into some mud, as that was the only spot that hadn't been rutted axle deep by the 4:15 start!


I am going to hurt tomorrow, but I am also going to smile about it.

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Comment by StokedRad on October 24, 2011 at 2:41pm

I dropped a chain and slid into the tape on a 180 on the backside (lap 3 I think). Then with 2 guys breathing down my neck I took a bad line through the smaller mud pit and was on my side before I knew what happened. Chain was dropped again, both cost me 15 seconds at least. 

I will be buying a chain catcher tomorrow. Glad the BSM colors are memorable, we aim to be recognized. Great racing with you, and the guy who "coaches" me in cross and can still kick my @ss is 42 with 3 small kids! He repays me for the road season punishment I deliver to him.

Comment by J.D. Kimple on October 24, 2011 at 2:36pm

Hey, StokedRad, where did you wreck at? I was the guy lined up to the left of you who said you automatically get a gap for having a skinsuit. I burped the rear tire on the first lap (tubeless, not enough air it seems), just before the sandpit. Three laps to go (I think) I lost it on that steep drop back in to the flat before you come over the road to the barriers. Knocked the bars askew and when I tried to stand to straighten them out I almost passed out. 

Nonetheless, it's a part of racing 'cross. Good to hear you got out there Peter. LAst year was my first year racing 'cross and my first experience at racing anything, much like you. At 44, I'm not sure what I'm thinking but then I saw Nationals had age group catagories to what, 75+? I figure I've got 30 years to get good at this.

Comment by StokedRad on October 24, 2011 at 12:51pm
Congrats, sounds like a great race experience for you. CX and crashing go so well together it seems. After a string of problem free races myself, it all came crashing down (literally) yesterday at the Ohio state championships. Good times on the whole though.

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