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I wanted to see if anyone on forum was considering doing these races. I am from Ohio and two of the three races are within 10-20 minutes from my home there. I was going to see if anyone from the forum would be up there and see what cat you were racing. It would be cool to meet some of the community. As for the race here is registration. The field for the mens and womens UCI is STACKED so far with the guys having the likes of Molly Cameron, Joechim Parbo, Jpowers, Bjorn Selander, Danny Summerhill, Troy Wells and Berry Wicks. The women is of course the soft group of nobodies including the likes of Katie Compton, Georgia Gould, Barb Howe, Sue Butler and a few other FAAAAAST girls. Actually. I think the girls field could take the guys. Im sure katie would lap me so I have the ability to swallow pride enough. Im ok with it!

Any way, check it out. The series there is growing and Mitch at Biowheels who is doing most of the promotion is a fantastic cross mind and loves the sport. His shop is one of the most rider friendly I have seen and he really puts time into making things work well. Two CAT II UCI's (Friday and Sat) then the bigg'in at Harbin Park on sunday (CAT I).

Dont let a place to stay be the reason you can't come. If you get there I can put you up (my family just doesn't know it yet) Just contact me off forum. or

heres last years video.

Hope to see everyone out there.

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we have a crew from the DCCoD (delaware cyclocross coalition of delaware) coming out.
we're looking forward to the weekend, Mitch has been very helpful.

Granogue Cross 10.18 (country's oldest C1 event not invited into a national series)
Fairhill Cross 11.01
I'll be there repping J.IF.C Racing in the newbie race!

Looking forward to it. Gonna be a great three days, hope I survive
I'm coming down with a contingent of riders from Chicago for this race. I'm from Cincinnati (used to race for Midwest Flyers out of Campus Cyclery) and I'm excited to be racing on some familiar territory against some old friends.

Look for me out there in the Cat. 3 race:
Awesome. Its great to hear of all of you guys coming out for it. I have been speaking with mitch who is putting on the race as well as a few others helping design the courses as well as put on the race and they are planning BIG things. From what I have heard the courses will be amazing. Looking forward to it. Just so everyone know my family lives a block from sat course. I am wanting to possibly have a little cookout or something. Look for me in the uci races getting smoked. Ill be in the orange and black hincapie barkley team. Looking forward to it.

Not only will I be there, I'm announcing all three days. I'm very stoked, as Harbin Park is where I started racing 'cross years ago. Should be a good time and I think a lot of East Coasters are in for a treat.
I'll be around for Sat and Sun.
Should be some super big sandbagging "B" fields again this year.
Love that Saturday course. Should be dusty if the rain stays away from here.
Sunday was home to lots of mountain bike races for me back in the day and an amazing place for cross racing.
Hopefully we'll get to hit some single track in the woods. Mitch always plays some good tunes as well on Sunday.
Bummer not to see Tristan Schouten throwing down this year, he was always fun to watch.
Tristan broke his collar bone pretty bad right at the end of August. He is patiently waiting to get the clear to race again in Mid-Nov. He is back on the bike, if he does race for the last part of the season, he'll still be super fast!
I am lucky these are my local races. I'll be racing in Cat3 trying to have a few good races. Kind of cool hearing about the tradition at Harbin Park. There has been cross racing there for a long time and now it has grown to C1 with an international field. The Darkhorse Stampede 2 years ago is where was 1st introduced to cross racing in 06 did the C race on a full suspension MTB. Now I have tubulars, pit wheels, skinsuit and hooked on cross racing.


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