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First off, I have issue 3 right in front of me so I have Andrew's take on several clinchers. But as a relative newbie to cross, I'm curious which clincher people like best for the New England/Midatlantic courses. Thanks!


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easy answer Schwable Racing Ralph...

works well on the grass crits, does fine in loose dry dirt, rolls very well for a "knobbie" on pavement...

pretty damn nice tires IMHO
Thanks, GeWilli.

Hmmm, Andrew's review says the Ralph is similar to the old Michelin Mud 2. I actuall have a set of the green Muds. Maybe I should just run those? I'd always thought they were just for muddy courses though (I am so literal).
I've ridden with someone on the road who was riding those green muds. He was bombing down the road hitting the curves just as hard as we were with road tires. Afterwards, he said they rode on the pavement a lot better than he expected. Of course, they were inflated high, but I was impressed!
And a thank you to you for that empirical evidence of the green muds prowess.

Anybody out there ridden the Kenda Kommandos? Andrew rated them highly and they seem to have the more traditional arrow/all-round tread?
I would also say the griffo clincher or the new fango clincher would be nice. Even in the clincher version the sidewalls are nicely supple.

I have an old pair that has very little life left, yet I seem to try and use these as much as possible.

The rubber is pretty soft for roots, rocks, and all the wonderfulness that cross brings us.
I second that. The Grifo will do well in all but the worst of mud (and I've even ridden it there, too). Once you're there you need real mud tires.

I'm telling my clients in the MABRA area to get the Grifos and run them all year. I suppose in the MAC you could run them till Nov or so.
Last year I had great luck with the Vittoria EVO XG cross tire front and rear in the Midatlantic. It felt more versatile than the WTB Crosswolfs it replaced and probably a bit faster.
FWIW ralphs held great in the mud, no issue with traction this weekend... i sucked and the tires didn't...
In clinchers: Michy Mud 2s. The best casing and tread for practically any surface cross can hand you.
Anyone have any thoughts on the Kenda Small Block 8?
I haven't ridden it. The important thing is to look at how big the casing is compared to say a Michelin Mud. The tread doesn't look that great. Too many blocks to be a fast tire and spaced really closely so I don't think it would make a great mud tire. Let us know if you do end up riding them.


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