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Hey all, I'm looking for images of riders covered in mud/muck. I'm a painter and I'd be using images for subjects.


Chocolate pudding

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Check out KISSCROSS.COM. Go to PHOTOS and check out the 2008 Highland Park race that kicked off the new season.

Hmmm, Chocolate Pudding?!@?#@ Should I bother to ask if are you into painting muddy cyclocross races or just photos of people that looked like they've been dipped in ...

...oh never mind, you probably just got a deal on sh#t brown paint.
LOL Surly Bastard.

I think you get me way to well.

PS: there was not discount on the "Brown" paint.
< ---

you should probably get permission from the photographer is these are for more than personal use.
Yeah, that's why I'm asking. I'm wouldn't want to use someone work with out permission. I saw your work and your site. Beautiful work. Don't worry I will not use your image unless you gave me the Ok. .... Oh I just realize that the image you have is from Bici Girl/Pamela. She's got the awesome work. Let her know.



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