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Been switching back and forth between 172.5 and 175s on the Stevens cross bike. i think the 175s perform a little bit better, just a touch more leverage. However, Stevens bikes typically have lower bottom brackets and it seems that there's been a few more pedal strikes in the tight corners, or maybe it was just a bad day...

So, an informal poll, how tall are you or what size frame do you ride and what length crank do you prefer?

Alternatively, does it really make any difference?

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I am just shy of 6 feet and use 175 on mtbs. I have gone back and forth from 172.5 and 175. But to be honest my contributing factors are deals I can get on a crank.

I am not sponsored, nor am i any good, so cost is how I sort it out. Not terribly pc or proper, but hey a bro just wants to race you know. If cost was no object, I think 175. They just feel better atmo
5'11" - 172.5 on road and SS CX, 175 on SS MBT.
Much of a difference? Probably not but I usually try to gear for the more spinning side of things in a CX race so a little shorter crank length can't hurt.
175s here, same as my road bike, I'm 6'2" and dunno my inseam, ride a 59cm cx bike, 60cm road bike, XL mtn bike. I have 180s on a couple of my mtn bikes. My optimal cadence for road racing is around 85-90rpm, but I climb a lot slower than that. Have no idea what my cx cadence is.

Crank length is tied to leg length, so you should mention that.

I had 172.5 on the cross bike last year. I've always had 175 on the mtb. I wanted to try 175's this year. Only draw backs are the toe overlap and I stab the ground in corners when I'm not thinking very well during a race, or leaning too far.

I'm 5'7" and ride a 50cm CX bike.
170mm on one bike, 175mm on the other bike. (that's what it came with). Crank length more or less makes no difference from a physiological standpoint.

5'5", 50cm bike. 27" jean inseam.
6'6"-6'5" (as a kid i was easily 6'6" now I fear i'm headed closer to 6'5")

on everything

totally kicks ass

makes a huge difference. I don't feel like i can do much when I try to get on a short crank bike...
5'9", 54cm C'dale. 172.5 on rd, 175 on mtb (what they both came with) So 172.5 on the cx bike. I remember reading somewhere awhile ago that the standard 172.5(rd.) and 175 (mtb) were standard b/c they fit the majority of riders, say between 5'6" and 6 ft.
anybody know what trebon and wicks use? just curious.

gewilli, can you dunk?
Whenever I've snuck a peak, it was 175mm. Haven't done it lately though.

I'm 6'5" and ride 180s on everything. I think I like 175s better, at least on the road.

Gewilli can TOTALLY dunk.
if you like 175s better...why not switch? or is it just a recent revelation?
Because I'm not sure. Still pondering.
dunk? yeah sort of, not a high flying slam but if I can get a good grip on the ball i can sometimes make it in, more a problem of just sucking at Basketball than anything else...

I heard that Treefarm was trying out 177.5s at Gloucester this year. And he was complaining about the cranks hitting in the turns.

My second day at G-ster was a first on some nice Grifos and, well, It was the first time I felt like I wanted a higher bottom bracket.

Logic as far as proportions go is that freaks like erikv, me, treefarm and wicks - we should be able to spin 180s far easier than say an average height person on 165-170s. I can hit 150-160 rpm with 180s on the road (not fixed gear). So i don't usually have a problem spinning but spinning in cross still seems pretty unnatural for me. After spending the summer doing TTs with a 40t front ring my spin is as smooth and strong as it has ever been. But if i try it in a cross race I go backwards fast. Gotta use torque (well for me - i dunno about anyone else).


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