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100 pages of 'cross content is making its way across the country. it's already arrived already in some west coast locations, along with belgium somehow. just for our own knowledge, tell us when it arrives in your area

it looks like this:

it was shipped 3 months + 1 week after issue 3, so technically it's 1 week late but it's unfortunately later and fortunately fatter than expected. with over 70+ pages of original content, it's like 4 mags in one, hopefully it's worth the wait and you'll see some improvements. just like 'cross, it's accessible, authentic, community-centric, joyful and of course a bit dirty and imperfect.

Content includes interviews with sven nys, matt kraus, laura van gilder, reviews of 7 bikes, winter shoes, a tubular round-up, gluing how-to, bike snob nyc tubular thoughts, tubeless overview part 2, a feature on 3 peaks cyclocross, a feature on the clif bar dev team, training secrets from mo bruno roy, john funke, ted burns, hector finely, and of course expert coach michael birner. And last but not least, columns from Christine Vardaros, Mark Legg, Vicki Thomas.

what? you haven't subscribed? do it now! it's less than one race entry fee.

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I received mine yesterday. It looks awesome!
Will we be notified when we need to re-up our subscriptions?
good question. so your label (perhaps thrown away now) says the last issue date. we'll be emailing all online orders shortly to renew. we're making improvements to our shopping cart system and then i'll be nag, nag, nag.

if you do renew via our current system at we'll be sure to add it to whatever you've got, even if you're not about to expire.
Got mine yesterday, already read the Sven interview. Now I got to pace myself and not read it all at once.
Oh, I also went online and renewed my subscription for the next two years, figured that my one year was up after issue 4.
Got mine on Monday.
Mine made it to the Great White North yesterday.
The Eagle has landed, Moraga, CA...I pretty much blew today by staying up reading it late into last night. Great job!
Got mine a couple days ago. It's a good one!
it just hit socal (san diego) yesterday. looks great!
Made it to Utah today.
Delivered in DC, today. Mmmm...Nys, very Nys.
I just got mine today in Deland, FL


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