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Skinsuits are obviously really popular in cyclocross, especially in the pro ranks. Why? What are the pros & cons over just separate bibs and jersey?

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I think it is the lack of something to get snagged in a crash. With on and off as much as you do in the race, it is one less thing to worry about.

Lower levels like myself see more typical road/mtb racing gear.
four words

S E X Y !
What they said.
They're more comfortable and it's much less likely to snag especially when shouldering your bike.
Also, looks PRO.
not to mention, there is no need to adjust the exposed belly button after remounting. Thats not always that fun!
keeps the mud and cold air out.
CX gods demand it
Pros- what they said and with all the dismounting and remounting and running, you never have to move the chamois back into palce.

Cons- no pockets or only a small one so if there's no handups allowed, can't carry water and they're not very slimming..
If you take yourself seriously enough, you can shave your legs and put on a lycra unitard and run around in a ball field and not find yourself ridiculous. So, skinsuits are a sort of testing mechanism for your dedication to the sport.

Morgan, hair-legger but otherwise committed
yah, not to get snagged on your pedal when you are carrying. also, the material is made up of the same stuff that shorts are: much less permeable to the wind. therefore you stay that little bit warmer wearing a skinsuit. they are great but you gotta have the body to wear it otherwise you look like a stuffed sausage.
also, when you flex your muscles for all the pro women to see, they can truly see the man beast coming out in you more clearly. It's pretty much like getting naked for them. Only artsy like...
my wife likes me in motivation behind cycling is that it is just helps me be my sexiest
I have considered a skinsuit but decided against it because what if a harry-legged mt. biker in baggy pants pipped me at the line?


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