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Hey everyone. Just thought I would pose the question "what do you get out of 'cross that you don't get from other cycling diciplines?

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It's mostly a sense of community for me - folks cheering on each other - barbeques - and in general, spectating more than racing.

there's also the simple, motivating mission to ride a pretty simple bike over anything presented to me as fast as possible, without needing 5 inches of travel.

lastly, i love that it accommodates real life schedules. shorter events allow being competitive but still having a real job with a reasonable amount of training.
anarobic from start to finish, and Oskar Blues Brewery Ten Fidy beer.
The races are waaayyy more spectator friendly. My kids can race and cheer, and go play when I get "serious". The Promoters here in SoCal are awesome, great races, courses, and they put their hearts into giving us a great season-Read the messageboards for and you'll see that the road scene is nowhere near as welcoming. The racing itself is kinda punk-rock, and that takes me back to the good young days, just playing in a bike (but i'm still gonna try to tear your legs off in the end...)
1. It doesn't hurt as bad when i crash
2. Super family friendly


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