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so I'm gonna play some more with tubeless, and I'm curious to know what tires have you folks tried that have worked well, and which ones to avoid.

i've heard the mud2, raze, and some panaracer tires have worked well for folks, along with the hutchinson tires. any others that you've tried?

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No... burping = the bead of the tire getting blown off the rim which means catastrophic failure in the tire blowing off. Not just noise! That would be nice though!
well, based on my experience, ridley, your guess is what i've seen. I haven't had (and neither have our other testers) the tire getting blown off the rim...but that'd be maybe more of a belch?

actually, the common sound is more like a whisper. like pssst. or like a dry leave crackling. it was hard to tell for the most common leaks but a quick look and you'd see the tell tale sign - white wet latex.

just be super clear - we did a lot of testing with unconventional systems so it's not like all setups are as prone to it. but at really low pressures, no system is immune.
I have had the dura-ace wheels for about one month but have so far been using them with the Hutchinson road tires which I like a lot. I'll be converting them to cross wheels when I build up my new cross frame in the next two weeks. I did mount a Bulldog on one of the wheels when I first got the wheels and it sealed easily. I've used the Bulldog and Piranha on Notubes rims for a while and they've worked fine. So I've ridden both the wheels and the tires, and liked both a lot, but I haven't ridden them together yet.
I've got a season on the first version of the DA tubeless wheels with both Mich Muds and Jets. I did find it real helpful to switch to the Stans valve with a removable core. It was next to impossible to get enough air through the stock valve stem (fixed core). Also added Stans sealant.
Hutchinson's with the stan's strips worked perfectly. A little hassle getting them to seat, but nothing a little sealent on the bead didn't fix. When I have time and am back from class/riding/life I will surely post a pic or two. Also, I am going to hit a little trail riding today hopefully to see how they run! In the end, they were strait forward and no real need to modify anything but widenning the valve hole on the inner rim. More to come, just thought I would share the simply easy success story of tubeless!
I've had good luck with Maxxis and Hutchinson using the 29er rims. I've used the Maxxis Locust more than anything. It wears well, rolls and corners better than it looks.

I had two Schwalbe tires blow out due to casing failure before I stopped using them. I've tried to run Kendas but I can't get them to seal.

I've been tubeless for over a year now and have never had a tire burp so far. I run them at 40 psi.

My biggest problem has been over tightening the valves to the point where they get pulled through the valve hole. If you can't get them to stop leaking, don't just keep tightening them.


your results are pretty consistent with our tests. how much do you weigh? At 40 psi pretty much everything worked fine for us. It's at the lower pressures, hopefully lower than what you can run a clincher at, and approaching tubular pressures, that they'll still be airtight.

for me, at 160 pounds, that means being able to have them be reliable under 30psi, since that's what I can run clinchers at.

I'm at 170 now. I should experiment more with lower pressures. I like 40 psi for the dry conditions we usually have, but would like to run lower when it's slick.
We're experimenting with the HED Ardennes wheelset for tubeless. We think the wider 23mm rim will allow for a more supple casing feel than a standard 19-21 mm rim. HED is also making us some special Ardennes for CX season that are going to be a little burlier than their standard road wheel. We'll add it to the lineup when we make sure we like what we have.

Prob using Michelin tires to start, or Hutch.
Any other 200+ lb. riders out there using tubeless successfully? I run tubeless on my mountain bike, but those are much wider tires than my cross setup.
If anyone is interested I'm not using my Hutchinson Bulldog Tires I got off Chainlove. I mounted them with tubes and rode it a few times around the block, so they're pretty new. They're 700x34 but they're wider than my 700x38 Interwolf tires. I'm looking for something a bit smaller.

I'll sell them for $30 shipped.

Email me if you're interested


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