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Has anyone experimented with cutting off a portion of their brake pads for additional clearance at the fork legs? I recently purchased a new frame and fork and have transferred my Paul canti's over. I noticed that the new frame and fork have less clearance when the cable is released and the wheel is being removed than my last frame. The following link shows a past bike of Nys with this modification. The second photo shows it the best.

Anyone have any experience with this?

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i haven't cut them but have swapped pads out for different ones. heck, with the paul's you could probably throw road pads in there too if you got the washers/spacing right. You could also try reversing them, so the longer portion is outside the fork instead of inside. Is it just the front? Or rear as well?
I have reversed the pads already and the situation is worse at the front. I currently run Avid's which have the replacable pad insert. This isn't helping as they seem to be a bit longer. I hadn't thought of road brake pads, but that's a damn good idea. I'll take a look at that this weekend.
came across a pile of brakes looking for spare parts at one of the LBSs, the fronts had the kool stop pads cut off with a hacksaw for the very same reason.

I've got the brake pad issue with the current Shimano Deore (non-low profile circa 1989) cantis running Eagle Claw black... but for the moment it opens wide enough to get a 28c Schwable marathon in and out without obstruction. Not sure how much wider I can go with it, haven't checked.

Hacksawing a set of pads is no big deal. Might not be a bad idea, reduces contact area, and for a given force it can me greater pressure/area (shooting from the hip with an idea, not tested)

so... cut away! brake pads are cheap... or try it first with a set of the cheapest pads you can find... then you're only out $3-5 if it sucks.
Having just done an evaluation of brake pads for this mag, I will tell you that a very elegant solution exsists for your smooth post brake needs. Use the BBB Cross Stop pads. These are smooth post holders with shimano road style pads mounted in. If you don't like the rubber, replace it with Shimano DA or KoolStop replacement pads of your color choice. This will give the clearance you need. Sweetness.

That being said, Paul Brakes use v-brake pads, so a threaded post is required. As Andrew mentioned, you could use road shoes/pads and make it work with the correct use of spacers and a long enough bolt. Not so simple as the bolt needs to be quite long.

Cutting v-brake the pads will accomplish the same end for very little $.

BTW, if you have v-brake shoes that are metal with replaceable pads, cut down is not a good option. There will be no mech to lock the pads in unless you make a modification to do so, and the pads often fit in too loosely to be safe without the pin IMO.
yep. Ritchey logic pads are long and the post is right in the middle. One end of the pad with either hit the fork legs or hit the seat stays. I've hacksacked some of the pad off or used a bench grinding ro remove some ot the rubber where it would hit to let it move further.
Since you've got Paul, try these... jagwire sleek pro cross. I like them alot.


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