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While everyone is recommended what works well for them, what's the most retarded thing you've bought? 'Cross related of-course?

I'll start. On a whim, I bought this:

Okay, I paid like 25% of it's full price of $160, but still, I have no idea why I did it. The fur sure feels nice, maybe on an animal, but for 'cross? It would be the worst. It'd absorb water, retain dirt, and probably after a while, I'd have butt fur outside my shorts. Nasty.

I can't really say I was really thinking about 'cross when I bought it (maybe it was the 75% off that made me do it), so I could throw it on a commuter or the grocery bike, but ti rails? That's overkill. So maybe it'll have to be part of the Halloween 'cross outfit.

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White bar tape Oh, little did I know.
I'm trying to think what I bought that was this stupid but nothing comes to mind right now - but I'm sure there's something ... I've got to say this has to be the ugliest saddle I've ever seen in my life!

Is it the Fizik's Menstrual Flow Model? That's what it looks like it absorbed ... not that there's anything wrong with that ...
Top mount levers. Like teats on a boar.
A second water bottle cage..................
Hmmm. I buy white tape. Often. Also have a box full of top bar brake levers on hand. Maybe they aren't for racing, maybe they are, but for riding dirt roads in the winter they sure are nice. I also use chain watchers (I have two different kinds also) and I also use double chainrings. Maybe I'm a dork but the watcher automatically pops it back on should it ever accidently get bounced off. They've saved me a couple times. Once through a total 360. Nice.

Haven't looked at the Sven swag yet, but that sounds sweet. I'd wear it to a real smokey bar and get it all Belgie-stinky the day before a race and then mash into the crowd.

Bottle cages are are okay ... just as long as they aren't on your CX race bike. Now that would be wrong. We've got a buddy here that races with a bottle. We've tried a couple of interventions but so far nothing has worked ... suggestions?

The winner for worst piece of crap has to be that red suede saddle. It makes me gag every time I see it ...
sweet. so I win? do I get a prize?
Yes Andrew you win. I think we should all chip in and get you that Sven jacket from JB if he's willing to part with it. It IS sweet looking that's for sure. It would kinda be like being awarded the Green Master's Jacket of buying crap cross stuff ... matter of fact that jacket might just go with that saddle of yours ...
i'd be honored. i'll wear it and then send it to peanut for her interview with sven. that'll impress him, and we'll give him the saddle as a parting gift!
Todd Wells was sporting a water bottle at day 1 of the Boulder Cup:
If you can race like T Wells then you can put whatever you like on your bike...
there in nothing wrong with a water bottle on a hot dry day.
Dude, you need some fuzzy dice to go with that saddle!


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