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While everyone is recommended what works well for them, what's the most retarded thing you've bought? 'Cross related of-course?

I'll start. On a whim, I bought this:

Okay, I paid like 25% of it's full price of $160, but still, I have no idea why I did it. The fur sure feels nice, maybe on an animal, but for 'cross? It would be the worst. It'd absorb water, retain dirt, and probably after a while, I'd have butt fur outside my shorts. Nasty.

I can't really say I was really thinking about 'cross when I bought it (maybe it was the 75% off that made me do it), so I could throw it on a commuter or the grocery bike, but ti rails? That's overkill. So maybe it'll have to be part of the Halloween 'cross outfit.

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Surly Karate Monkey. It's a bit on the heavy side...But, I still loves it.
did that "thing" come with a gallon of chamois butter or a bowl of soup?
How about my most recent cross purchase, Stan's tubeless rim strips for my sealed rim mavic Ksyriums.......meaning rim strips for wheels that didn't need them and really only needed a little tubeless valve stem.

In short the rim strip made the tires nearly impossible to get on the rim, aaaaaand, horribly hard to seat. No fun.

actually, based on our experience, if you want to go low, those rim strips are perfect. we have had very bad luck without the rim strips - just too much space there to go below 30 psi.

good luck!
yeah... found out that without the strip, under 32 for a guy over 6'0" and about 165 during ross you pretty much just pull the tire off the rim. yay! Back to rim strips.
Which rim strip do you use? And tires?
wind briefs. they suck and bunch up in all the wrong places and chafe like anything... ach!
any entry fee
Skinny Continental tubulars. Anyone want some 30mm knobby tubulars?

not interested, but which model? besides the width - whadya think?
i think the questions that needs to be asked about this entire thread is

1. Are you riding that saddle full time?
2. If not is it for sale...?

My cat could use a cuddling buddy.
I have Celeste colored carbon fiber, Bianchi labed water bottle cages on my Axis. I didn't know they were uncool until now.


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