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thanks to crank monkey's suggestion, we have categories in addition to tags. what other categories are needed? unfortunately sub-categories aren't available yet. sucks.

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Maybe some catagories by region then expanding to state.
how about training category
how about a rant/rave section for all stuff cross (ie. sandbaggers, races/rides that just go wrong from the get-go, must have's/do's, etc.)
how about a photo category
how about a polls category

i know you have a race cat, but how about making it a race/ride cat so folks can add ride reports during the offseason. we can write about the smile one gets when you're on a trail with your cross bike and your brakes are squealing from fork chatter cause you're tailing the full boinger on the decent.
good suggestions, both of you. we'll get on it! by the time you get this, we should have a few more up!
I think a section on COURSES, designing courses, course layout, and courses in general would be very interesting to read, if not helpful for course designers everywhere. It would interesting to see and hear what kind of courses are happening around the country. Every region and series has it's own style. Designing courses to adapt to terrain, weather, seasons, etc. Maybe a discussion about the different styles in different areas ... another section on building barriers, using logs, and how about that FLYOVER? might be cool.
great idea! you think it should cover promotion too? And opinions of existing coursees?
Yeah, Tire Snob, that's another good idea that would go hand-in-hand with course design - matter of fact course design would be a subcategory to RACE PROMOTION. Promoting, getting sponsors and keepin' 'em happy, setting up, what you need from prizes to the best way to tape or mark a course, insurance, park reservations ... didn't think of that before but those things would make this a great place to come to as a resource for ideas and tips. It would sure be a big help to beginning promoters, and give all of us more CROSS! Interviews with promoters and how-they-do-it are always good.

If you're talking about reviewing courses, I think you need to be careful with that one. I'll try and never say anything bad about a course unless I really know the designer well and I know they want feedback ... . Every course designer and builder busts their ass giving us courses to ride, and well, you can't satisfy everyone ... ever!

Another thing we've done, and this might be a separate category, is setting up a weekly practice ... we had good turnouts and it brought in a lot of new racers.
Keep it simple! On a small forum like this, things just get lost if there's too many seperate categories. Maybe just general and a classifieds. You can always add more later if the volume picks up.

Keep it simple!


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