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I live in the Mid-Atlantic.

What is the most useful piece of clothing that I should have for the upcoming CX season?

I've not ridden a ton in the fall before, so I'm curious as to what you might think.

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i'd say it's arm warmers and knee warmers. super useful for chilly mornings that eventually warm up, or for the warm up prior to the race on those brisk fall days.
I like to use a speedo for all my CX races on a single-speed ;)
Full finger gloves!
long sleeve skin suit

absolutely NO debate...

long sleeve makes shouldering bike wicked easy - no skin on arm catching on down tube... and

ya look wicked super PRO (and it is way faster than jersey and shorts)
orange jumpsuit

subject to debate...

in the Mid-Atlantic region, a yellow one might also be acceptable:
Wow that Granogue Race Looks like a lot of fun.

Who could possibly put on such a fun and good event?

I can neither confirm or deny that there is a man sized tigger and a man sized Pooh outfits hanging in my closet.

Out here in CA, it's my sunglasses.

When it dips below 60 degrees out here, i often use one of my surfing rashguards as a baselayer for those cold California mornings.
They have to be 1/2 the price of those Craft baselayers and i think keep me warmer when wet. Not that it ever rains out here during cross season though.
Just saying...
that's good stuff. when was that? looks nice an warm...
hmm, you surf? I thought you need to be able to swim to surf. or you get a rash when you surf the 'net, and thus have to wear something to protect yourself? sounds kinda nasty...
Swobo long-sleeve black wool jersey. Embrocation. Smartwool cycling socks.


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