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I was watching some cross videos to get me pumped up for the upcoming season and saw one of my biggest pet peeves.

Made me start to think what are some of the things that really make me laugh OR scratch my head at a race.

My top 3 are:
1) warming up on a trainer is fine. But to see you at the front of the C starting line is ridiculous. It's the C's for goodness sake!
2) folks that are screaming to let them by, so i let them by only to pass them a few minutes later because they shot their wad trying to pass me (and we are battling for 50th place in a 60 man field 40 minutes into the race).
3) at the end of the race, people who stop right after the finish line and either drink water or start riding circles trying to figure out which way they want to exit the course.

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1) someone passing me right before a technical section that they can't clean
2) pavement dismounts
3) big series prizes for lower categories
4) The A/Pro race not being last - that's what will get everyone to stay and cheer
5) grouchy old men ranting :-)
an aside;
A/Pro race being last = no one staying to watch...
C's race first only to leave as soon as they are finished...

ranting? about races?

It is cross - what the heck is there to get peeved about when ya racing... if you have time to get peeved when ya racin, ya ain't racing hard enough...
Top pet peeve:

Getting my ass handed to me ...
Guys that piss in the bushes.

Use the Honey Buckets (or whatever facilities there are). Someone sees your willy in the bushes and the venue might not be available next time.
You guys shouldn't be so self-righteous about what the C racers do. For some of us, the C race is really hard and requires a good warm up, perhaps on a trainer. I agree, it's lame for C's to take off after their race, but most A's don't show up to cheer the C's. C'mon, it's only half the time. And lastly, the C entry fee is the A payout. So watch who your dissin'
Really, I can deal with most of the crap that goes on at/in races, but I think it's the bad attitudes that bother me the most. Yep, we can be competitors... be we can also be civil. Some of my best races were races I had against guys I ride/train with all year long.

Sandbagging... all ya can do is ramp-up your game and race A's; there's no sandbagging in the A's. Still sucks racing against a guys who 'bag.

Also, I like one from Tire Snob... pavement dismounts.
Of all of these Pet Peeves I think you're right; pavement dismounts or remounts have to be the worst feature you can encounter on a cross course. Downhills into barriers are another "super bad" idea that's just asking for a bad accident to happen. Another thing I could live without is "Single-Track". Do a mountain bike race for crissakes if you want race somewhere where it's impossible to pass, okay? As far as attitude, I can't say I see much of it around here, or anywhere I race in the Midwest ... that's why I love 'cross. Sandbaggers, trainers, 3 pit bikes, Old Geezers ranting (that's me!), carbon fiber wheels and Pinarellos in the C race, Gawd Bless em each and every one!
I have a few peeves.

1) No finish line. There needs to be an ACTUAL LINE ON THE GROUND to sprint for. There usually is, but I've experienced this now and then and it drives me nuts. There should also be a video camera.

2) Cash prizes for any other categories besides Elite men, Elite women and juniors. The masters shouldn't be getting cash and same goes for the B's, C's etc. The reverse of this is also a peeve of mine: there shouldn't be merchandise prizes for the elites or juniors. Elite Women's cash prize list should be proportionately the same as the mens the mens too- no exceptions.

3) The Elite races should never start before noon. Leave plenty of time for the fastest racers to drive from far away and get a good warmup.

4) Podiums with more than 3 steps. "I finished on the podium" = top 3.
damn josh, that's harsh. you mean my dream podium here won't cut it for you?

Pet peeves are for pussies, just get out and race. I mean that in the nicest way possible. ;-)
No real peeves here.

Although, I tend to like it when we women race earlier in the day so that we have time after wards to drink beer and eat bbq and watch Mr. Snead bunny hop the barriers.

We've got a series out here where the women don't race until 2pm - everyone's packing up and most of the beer and bbq is gone by the time we're done.


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