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Anyone use their crosser as a regular commuter bike.

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yeah totally! got a question? many of them are perfect commuters - clearance for wider tires and fenders, a little more generous gearing than typical road bikes.
I ride mine to work as much as I can, sometimes need the car for work purposes. Will post some pictures of my commute if you like.

Keep Jammin!!!!!!
Yeah all the time and SS It's great!
yeah - right now the main race rig is the commuter (yes... i have full coverage bolt on fenders attached to an EC90X fork)...

when the season starts that bike will work as race duty and my Croll will become the commuter/pit bike...

cross bikes = best commuter bike...

but a Surly crosscheck is a better commuter bike than cross bike...
Yep, everyday. Bike stays the same (except road tires) and all my junk goes in a backpack.
Yup, actually bought my Crosswind with the intent of commuting.
Convenient that it's a great way to unwind after work, though!
Yes, I put a couple thousand miles on a Kona Major Jake just from commuting. Even dabbled in loaded touring with it.
I recently purchased a 2009 Kona Jake the Snake for use as a commuter and weekend racer. I am looking for a clip on/off fender, any suggestions? I like the Axiom Fastback DLX fenders, but they are too narrow for the stock 35mm tire. I am thinking of buying a second set of rims/cassette/road tire for commuting. Cheers!

I do, that is actually what got me into CX bikes - commuting. It has nice tire/fender clearance. More up right fit than a road bike and most ones <$2500 have rack/fender mounts in the rear
I have an Airborne Carpe Diem 3/2.5 Ti custom SS 'cross bike that I use to commute to/from work on. Steelman fork, fenders, and a BOB Yak trailer to haul stuff in as well. I have been using a 'cross bike to commute on for 8 years.
yeah man
i commute on my felt f1x and its a blast
why do you ask?
Heck yes. I keep a separate set of wheels for the road. I'm getting it down to a science... Lights, fenders, and wheels in about a half-hour. Just like a Nascar pit stop, yo.


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