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I'm retiring my Sidi Dominators this year and I'm at a loss for a good shoe. Lots of options out there and I'm just curious what's turning people on... What shoes do YOU like?

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Anything that drys quickly and does not get mistaken for a dog toy when left on the deck after a race !
I've been wearing Specialized's BG MTB shoe but may need to step it up this year as they are 3 seasons old and beat.
3 velcro straps,cheap,durable......$70-85 at most stores.
I've been loving LAKE shoes for a while. Their mx165 shoes are just right - quite durable, vibram soles, take toe spikes, come in two widths, 3 velcro straps, and...HAVE LACES! optional of course, but man, they keep the shoe on in heavy mud, and give a custom fit for those of us who don't have normal feet.

i wish I could say they are an advertiser, but they are not (yet).
I've heard they (Lake) are a bit heavy... true?
they're a little on the heavy side, but the sole is so durable (vibram) on the mx165, they seem to be worth it and they have a decent tread that gives great grip on many surfaces. I've been riding a pair of Time MXE carbon's too - good for bigger, higher volume feet (not mine) and have 3 velcro straps and are pretty stiff. Just to note, the newer ones are a lot different than the older ones you can see on blowout at bike nashbar.
The sidi dominator is weather resistent (in full lorica) and super durable. Now with the D6 carbon sole, it is finally stiff enough for my taste. However, my shoe of choice is the heat moldable shimano M300. Only available in mesh, but it's light and stiff, yet curved just right so running in the shoe is OK. The fit is non-periel.
I would stick with the Sidis. I have used them for 10+ years. I am on my second pair, having replaced my first pair just two years ago. I was going to check out the Specialized shoes, but they are too narrow - and I wear the regular Sidis, not the Mega
I agree with sticking wit the Sidis, but will say that I have had three pair over the past ten years. The first lasted 8 years, the second 2 years, and I am now on my third. Seems like something may have changed since my original pair, but my current pair have been great so far! Sidis just seem to fit my foot better than any other brand I have tried on.
Sidi"s - Used dominators for the past 3 years and upgraded to Dragon 2's for this year because of the the tecno buckle. I can't wait to use them. Very stiff and they now have a heel cup adjustment so your foot don't keep popping out. Sidi's fit like slippers. In fact after racing I often leave them on becuase the feel better than most of my everyday shoes!
I just got some Sidi Dominator 5s as my first clipless shoe. I like them a lot.

Though, the other day I rolled my tire and I had to walk home about 2 miles. I noticed the sole wore out pretty quickly..
crap, that sucks. roll a tubular? tubeless? no pump? any trouble getting used to those CB pedals? glad to see you're getting out there. getting the hang of it?
Not really sure if "rolled it" would be the right term..

But I was riding on a trail and something funky was going on with my front tire.. I slowed down a bit and my tube exploded and the wheel locked up. I didn't realize I was still clipped in, so I just tipped over. No harm done at all, just a little embarrassing. I was expecting to have an embarrassing fall when first learning to ride clipless anyways, just not like that. Haha..

I bought my wheelset used and never got the chance to switch out tires or anything. The previous owner had a 26" tube in the 700c wheel/tire.. So I'm pretty sure that had something to do with it.

Other than that little incident, the whole clipless experience is going well.
I will vet that Andrew has been rocking the Lake shoes for as long as I've known him.

But having seen the new Mavic shoes - similar to the Adidas ones - they are lightweight, stiff as hell, look pretty good, don't know about durability. But you asked what turns us on. The Mavic ones turn me on.


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