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Alright...just for curiosity's you shave your legs for cross? Out of habit from road? Or think it's just as necessary for crash protection and wound healing? Or cuz you're all pro and embrocate and get massages? Or are like Tonkin, got skills, stay upright, and rather go caveman?

CXM wants to know. We just might quote you in the mag if you're lucky. Say your mind. Let's get some banter going.

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Shaving really helps you take care of your legs. I resisted for almost 2 years when I started racing. Eventually I found that stretching wasn't enough to keep my muscles in good shape. I developed knots, stiffness, and problems with muscle cramps in my long road races. So I shaved and started getting massages and I have to say it helps a lot. Embrocations also help keep muscles warm and loose in the bad weather.

The first time I shaved I couldn't believe how much hair there was. It also took a while to get used to the look.
Just a beautiful pic Andrew. hmmmmmm


Does shaving your ass count? What about your back?

I will "knock it down" but I don't go for the full shave myself. Something about laying in bed with my wife and not knowing if I'm rubbing her legs or mine. :)
I don't think I'm allowed to shave racing a Yeti ARC-X
I shave for all the reason stated. When I see my clean legs during a race they seem stronger in my mind then the gorilla legs I normally have. I don't really care what other guys do, but if another guy next to me is looking at my legs to size me up one way or the other, I see that as an advantage. I have beaten riders and been beaten by riders with and without hair.
I shave because I look faster standing still, and because I believe that secretly, my lady loves it.
I used to shave my legs when I was younger and racing. I got back into it a few years ago and told myself "I'll shave my legs when I get fast again." I'm still not fast. Don't really feel like shaving, no need. I barely have time to keep my bikes in working order, shaving is just one more hassle.

Morgan, 1st post
I got at least 2mph faster on the flats after I shaved my legs.
usually when CX season comes around, I'm feeling fast and seem to be going fast so I'm tempted to see what the forest is hiding. Sometimes, I'll give in and thin the herd a bit with a #2. The night before the first race is the time when I'm most vulnerable. Secretly I'd love to shave but my wife has a hair fetish, and I have a "bare" fetish (since I'm part bar) so I have to keep my emotions in check.

So yea, no shaving. Maybe a nibble.


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