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So I picked up a pair of toe spikes for my Sidi Dragons. I figured they will help me on some of the longer slippery run ups. But I race MTB also, but don't usually get off the bike during races. So I was wondering what everyone does with their toe spikes.

Do you leave them in and forget about them?

Do you take them out and put them back in as needed, or for specific races or conditions?

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John, can I ask, how do you like your Sidi Dragons for 'cross? Do your heels stay put when running, given the stiff carbon soles? I ask because I am thinking of buying a pair.
I love them. Was was worried about the same thing when I got them, but the other day I was practicing hill run ups and barrier hopping and had not 1 single issue. The new heel cup adjustment is awesome! It actually works well. And of course the teckno buckle for micro adjusting removes any additional slop. These things fit like a slipper. And if you did not know, Colorado Cyclist has them on sale for $269.00 for the white ones!!!!! That is over half off the retail.
Many thanks John.
FYI, I bought the Dragons, after trying on the Dominators a few times. The Dominators fit like a sock: comfortable but not especially technical. The Dragons fit like they mean business. Same on the bike. The shoe feels like a race shoe, like it wants to kick ass. They fit perfectly, translate all kinds of power to the pedals compared to my beat Carnacs, and don't come off on the run ups. And I went for the disco-white ones too. Best shoe I have worn, in 15 years of racing road and cross. Competitive Cyclist has them for about the same price as CO Cyclist. Thanks again.
i use the spikes for cross races only that feature slippery runups. think the sidi ones are quite long so it makes it tough to walk normally in the asphalt parking lot before races and other times, not to mention the dings they put into the hardwood floors at home!

be careful though if you remove them for extended periods of time. had an old pair of shimanos and the bolt holes got all chewed up and were wrecked. make sure when the spikes come out that you put a replacement bolts in to save the screw holes. always grease liberally too that makes it easier to swap.
i replaced my worn out spikes recently with fresh long fangs and it completely changed the clip-in interface. A week or so of commuting with the long cleats and I'm back to not catching them on the pedal. It was a pretty subtle and not every clip in but it was noticeable.

moral: If you want to race with spikes on there - make sure you train on them and so they don't hinder you getting clipped back in on race day.
I run the Sidi spikes once the rain and mud hit- otherwise when its dry- I leave them out.


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