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Hi there,

So I have been contemplating a radical idea. I am in between jobs and wanted to take advantage of the time for a big life adventure. I am tentatively thinking of doing a road trip across the country this fall and trying to hit as many local cross scenes as I could possible get to. I would love to make a documentary film covering the races, interviewing racers and fans, and even documenting local week night training races.

Ideally I could pull together a little sponsorship to make it happen and get something really going. It would be great to have a video that could be used to promote cross as a sport and celebrate the wonderful community around it.

Anyway, first off, to see if this is even possible, I need to put together a list of key races (pro, amateur, and local training races) that would be good to hit. I want to see everything from the huge races to a race of 5 dudes in no-wheres-ville, USA. So let me know if you have any thoughts.

Also, if you have any ideas for such a trip, let me know (formats, sponsorship, other goals outside of making a movie).


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neat idea. of course CXM would sponsor our chief lackey with spare tubes, old shorts, and of course magazines. you'd have to hit vegas. seattle's star crossed seems like the scene, and those are two big ones, but the little ones would be really cool. heck, you could just dartboard our huge calendar, hit some of those training races and clinics midweek.

i always wanted to try west hill in vermont, but not sure they have that anymore. at least it's not in our calendar yet.

can we come along?
Although I am now living in Greenville, SC I am origionally from just north of Cincinnati, OH. Starting in three weeks (sept 10) we are going to be having training races every other week in Hendersonville, NC. That puts the dates on the 10th, 24th, 8th, and 22nd. It's put on by biowheels in Asheville.

Aside from that I am planning on hitting up the NC Cyclocross series including the UCI races, as well as traveling back to the midwest for the OVCX Three day cyclocross festival where two of the races are practically in my home town. I will also be heading back for the USGP in Louisville. Aside from that it will be North Carolina, Mud Sweat and Gears series, and Georgia Cross. All those schedules are on the calender, if you want to come down/ need a place to stay, just let me know when you'll be in. I am a college student, but always have room for a fellow racer of cross!
A Cross Crusade race (Portland, OR) is a must. Pick any of them.
Michigan KTR Doublecross UCI weekend. 2 day race and a lot of big names pros should be there. Jon Page was scheduled to show, but I am not sure now. check out for date and info!
I did the Tailwind UCI race last year despite a first lap tangle/ mechanical that evantually lead to my not getting ANY result, I will say the course was a blast. I would highly reccomend it!
I would plan the trip around the UCI races and especially the North American Cyclocross Trophy Points Championship series. The Boulder Cup races in that series will be the best CO races of the year. You could also try to find out what races the top domestic pros are doing and follow that schedule.

Any one of the Boulder Racing events would be a good example of local racing.
West Hill Shop Race in Putney VT is a Great race as Andrew had mentioned. It's on the New England Bike Racing calendar for Nov. that may be worth a visit.
As Dave Hutton said, Cincy has a great weekend of UCI racing on October 10,11 and 12. Wicks, Parbo, Cameron, Tim Johnson and Tilford were all there last year. Very cool atmosphere, especially Harbin Park.
I'm sure some of the races people are suggesting are fine races. But seriously, go to Glouster (Verge series I think) and a Portland Cross Crusade race. Big races with tradition. Anyone who's been to one of them will attest that they just can't be beat.

The country's oldest UCI C1 race not invited to join a national series this year!

A classic northern delaware cyclocross course on the Dupont Estate opened to the public just twice a year. Stu Thorne has called the place "a cyclocross playgroud".

Promoted by the Delaware Cylocross Coalition of Delaware, this very well may be the best cross race in the midatlantic, if not the east coast, and certainly amongst the best in the country. (okay, I might be a little biased, but ask around you'll hear the same thing...)

check the videos on henry's page...

(October 18) Montchanin, DE
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