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Hey all-
If you haven't heard about our business yet, we're a race wheel rental company thats deep into CX. While we are gearing up for the CX season with a quiver of carbon tubulars for you guys and girls to rent or buy, we have been getting a lot of questions about shallow box rims, too. We already sold out of the used inventory, but there still a few ways to get new tubulars for $500. We've been building our own box rims, the Echappe Classics, for a year and they are a pretty awesome wheel.

The specs are this:
Tubular Rim: Velocity Escape
Clincher Rim: DT Swiss 1.1
Hubs: American Classic Micro 58 and 205 rear
Spokes: DT Swiss Black Champion Double Butted, 2.0-1.8
Nipples: Brass
Lacing Pattern: 2x front and rear
Weight: 1150 grams

Tires: Road: Continental Sprinters
Cyclocross: Tufo Flexus 32 or Challenge Grifo 32

At Echappe we wanted to create a light weight, but durable box rim wheel. For criteriums, its hard to find a wheel that can take a few New England industrial park potholes while also being able to climb and decend the Green Mountain Stage Race. These wheels deliver it all, with an alloy braking surface and 2x lacing, they are versatile for all conditions.
If you need a climbing wheel, here you go. Criteriums? Right here. And in the winter, you need a lightweight cyclocross wheel, this is it.
Test it out and be happy.

For another $120 you can be riding ceramic bearings- so for $620 you can be racing 1150 gram ceramic bearing wheels that are your own! Or you can rent them for $50. Either way its a great deal and something that a lot of you have been hinting at recently.

if you have any questions, let us know. We can also try to build something for you thats more specific to your needs if you'd like.

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I almost jumped on the used pair you had up there. It's a great deal on a quality set of wheels.
Thanks man. Yeah, once we started posting on CXMag and got a little burb on the front page, we sold out of the entire selection from last season. We're busy making more now!
How long does your rental last? I weigh 200 lbs. Are your wheels too light for me to race cross on?
Rentals are as long as you need them for. The Echappe Classics start at $50 for the first day and are $10 each additional day.

Reservations can be made here:

Crash Insurance is available, too for $40 that is all inclusive for the entire rental.

And, if you're in New England, we're a sponsor of the Verge Series this year, and we'll have a booth at all the races.

And with regard to 200lb riders, I'd need to check with my wheel builder guru in Burlington about the proper spoke diameters and lacing patterns.
Do you have a website I am missing? I would love to see the wheels and pick up a set.

The general website is:

And the specific page for the Echappe Classics is this:

Like I responded to Les Carlson, we are a sponsor of the Verge Series, so you can stop by the booth we have there and check them out or rent a set for the day to see how you like them.
Wil you ship to the UK???
We can through USPS, yes.
I've updated the page for this wheelset so that when you purchase it new you can specify how we build it. If you think it's a little cryptic, the following should help sort it out:

The standard build is a 1150 gram 28h front to a 28h rear, double cross lacing pattern.
If you want an even lighter wheel, we can build up a 24h wheelset, or a radial lace pattern front wheel.
If acceleration is your preference, we can increase the spoke tension.
And if durability is your preference, we can increase the lacing pattern to a 3-cross pattern for you.

Again, the page for this wheelset is:


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