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There are many methods, theories, prayers, and general info on gluing a tire to a rim. There are also about as many threads out there discussing easy ways to get the glue/tape off of the rim.

However i have yet to find anythign on taking glue off of tires if it even needs to be. Now as a general newbie to the WWOC (Wide World of Cross) I have taken the tires off of a glued rim (they needed new glue) and am curious what I need to do to the tires to make them usable again?

Any links, help, hints, demos, etc would be mucho appreciated.

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there's been a lot of discussion using gluing tape with glue, or even a velox strip with glue (to fill in the gaps if a wide tire does not make contact with the full rim), but I don't recommend either approach. Both types of tape will absorb water eventually, and that's not a good thing for the adhesion. There's the tufo extreme tape and the mastik tape - but still, I'd stick with just glue.
Taking glue off tires requires the following
A six pack of Fat Tire beer
A comfy seat
A dull knife
A lot of patience
Inflate the tire and start scraping
Ice for your fingers once you're done
Cooking a nice dinner for your significant other to make up for the time you sat on your backside all afternoon not doing housework

Just had tires replaced with new base tape. problem solved. Cheers
I usually just knock off anything that seems loose with a stiff wire brush. Then when I am ready to put the tire back onto the rim, the tire gets a fresh coat of glue. By the way, which glue is everyone using here? Or is that another post all together?
Mastik. Fast-tack is slow. Tubasti is crap. Mastik is the best.

Buy the can (not the tubes) and apply with a brush with the wheel mounted on a truing stand. Inflate a pre-stretched tire and apply a layer on the tire and the rim... Leave both overnight. Apply another wet layer on the rim, mount, inflate and let sit overnight. Ride.

Of course, if money is no object then find a mechanic who has LOTS of experience gluing tubs and go to him/her. Make sure you trust their work (your life is in their hands).
Yeah man, Mastik is the best.

For crazy adhesion (but you have to be super fast and efficient when mounting the tire) after you let the wheel and tire sit overnight with the first layer of glue, apply the second coat to both wheel and tire. Let set 5-7 minutes and then throw it on. If you've timed it right it sticks like crazy. Once its inflated and sits overnight you end up with really good edge to edge adhesion. But, you're using more glue, and if you have lots of wheels then glue=money and the above technique works perfectly fine.


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