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lots of chatter about getting out the running shoes nowadays. curious to see what folks are doing in terms of running in their training. a big part of your training? stadium repeats? or just focus on the bike? does mud in your area make running a big part of racing?

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tempo rate, 20-25 mins a week just to get used to it, hill repeats during rides 1x week, not much else.
Chicago is not know for it's hilly terrain, but Chicrosscup does a good job at finding venues with sled hills!
A 20-30+ minute trail run in the woods with some hills....nothing really hard or technical. Keeps the knee's off the hard pavement and happy, works on foot placement and it's very relaxing running through the wood's. live were there's mountain lion's or beered up hunter's.
still working on running base, 20-50 minute runs lately... 2-3 times a week... after a month or so of that I'll add in some interval type speed work on a track coupled with the stadium steps... I had wanted to be ready for the speed work and stadium running by now, but hey, better late than never...
wow, that's a lot of running! how many hours of riding do you do too? I'm psyched if I get 3 50 minute rides in. :-)

do consider the runs one of your strengths?
50 minutes has been once... usually work em in as soon as I get home (commute by bike) been mostly in the 20 minute range till now, hoping to keep it on the longer side for the next couple weeks... once I get somewhere near a base I will cut back to a maintenance level of steady state running (20 minutes max) and work in the intensity that is found in cross...

a strength? yes - in a way, long legs and feeling comfortable running i feel is a strength of mine, but I also love riding up the hills many people have to get off and run...
I hate running, like most cyclists. However since my crash a few weeks ago I've been doing more running, since I couldn't ride my bike without severe shoulder pain. Now that I can ride a bike again, I think I'll probably only run once a week for 20-30 min. maybe do some hill sprints with the bike once a week as well.
I would say power is more important than running speed or endurance. Jumping barriers or steep run-ups don't require, or benfit from imo, lots of trail running endurance.

I guess it depends on where you are, but in Cally our courses rarely have any mud and the running is never for more than 30 second bursts.

1/2 mile on the track + about 10 stadium repeats (jumping up 2 steps at a time) 2X a week for about 3-4 weeks ending just before the meat of the season. It makes the legs burn a little less and helps w/ starting/sprint power as well.

Being faster on the bike always trumps running. Think about the percentages of each that you do during a race. enough so you dont get brutally sore after your first race. More importantly, practice being smooth going into and out of your run...this will give you 2-3 seconds advantage over the rest per mount and dismount, which is huge in cross.
I'm out!
1 20-30 minute run per week from august - mid sept. is where I'm at. I also do some running intervals on my cross rides (runups etc.) once a week or so during this time, so that may equate to a 20-30 run + a 10-15 interval run per week if you wanna break it down. On my intervals I usually find a good spot where I can get a nice cooldown, good spinup at race pace, strong run up, hard sprint, and repeat as needed.

My total training volume is like 8-10 hrs a week though so I'm not what I'd consider hardcore or anything. It could be better, but this is what I do now. A few years ago I'd do more running and it was a strong point of my CX game. I think there is a point where you can do too much though and it will sap your power. When I race I always look for places where running will gain an advantage and do my best to exploit! When my running was my strongest I was able to go HARD on runups/long stretches and recover during a solid spinup on the bike.
There is a very long set of stairs in Capitol Hill, near my apartment. Like, 250 stairs long, in eight or nine flights.

The routine is up-5, down-3, flights that is. I start with running every single stair, fast as I can, arms churning. The next set is two-at-a-time, up-4, down-2. Recover on the down part, and go for it, hard as I can on the climbs. Jog to and from the stairs, once a week, total time about 40 minutes. I figure it hurts, and pain is weakness leaving the body, so it must be good for me.

Does anyone run with their bike? That would be sick, if I saw someone on the stairs with their bike.
Actually i do. I am a former ultrarunner, so running has never been an issue. However, running with a bike during a race (i race singlespeed) is sometimes i practice. Mostly during my lunch hour i ride to the park, then practice short steep runnups with the bike.

Last week, had a flat with about 5 minutes to go...couldn't get my back wheel replaced, so i ran the rest of the race....can't stand dnf's....stupid when there's only 5 minutes left...when there's barely anyone in your field, i get points for just finishing.

During road racing, i don't do much now that's fall...i love to i find for 30 minutes, i burn more calories, and it's the only thing i can do to keep the weight off.
I do two 15 minute runs a week, both before a ride. Warm up for 5 minutes, then do five intervals: 15 seconds hard and 45 seconds easy. Five minute cool down, then go for a ride.


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