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lots of chatter about getting out the running shoes nowadays. curious to see what folks are doing in terms of running in their training. a big part of your training? stadium repeats? or just focus on the bike? does mud in your area make running a big part of racing?

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Run 20 - 30 minutes 3 x weekly. Once a week hill repeats, with a bike, for 30 minutes. Keeps me from getting gassed on running sections.
I'd keep the running shoes in the closet. I will typcially incorporate a few run-ups and short flat runs (with the bike on the shoulder of course) into my normal workouts. running in running shoes without a bike to deal with is easy. Your focus should be the dismount, the burst of speed once the feet hit the ground, then the remount. I do these often to keep "those" muscles active.
I do offroad multisport in spring and summer, so I actually decrease running and focus on cycling for cross.

If you've done zero running up until this point of the year, I'd say focus on cross-specific fitness. Do hill, stair, or sand repeats while carrying your bike. Your legs will feel like concrete the next couple of days, if you've done them right.
20-25 easy 1x per week for a few weeks and then start adding in some accelerations and hill repeats.
I have been using marathon training for my running base this year. Only problem is that the marathon is not until end of October, so I still run several hours per week and don't get as much bike time as I would like.
I do 2 - 30 minute runs a week: 1 flat easyish run and 1 hard hilly run, both on dirt. I hate running but I have noticed a huge difference in my ability to run the barriers and do hill run-ups while exhausted in last Sunday's race. I know I've lost positions in the past because of running and I was determined not to let that happen this year, so far so good.

I don't even hate running as much now although I'll let my wife stick to the marathons.
My "day job" requires a base level of running fitness. Recently I have been modifying some of the Simon Burney training. Still doing paced runs individually, but if I go to the gym and use a trainer or a spin bike I'll jog there and back. Granted I am only 1.5 miles away but its a great way to warm up and get my heart rate elevated so when I hit the bike I'm in Z2. Works for me.
I run 2 times a week most of the time. 30 at the most. Running is a weak point with me, so I need to focus on this.

If you race on a course that has stairs, be sure to do a stair workout I learned the hard way this past weekend that I need to work on this. I am going to add a running hill repeat with my bike once a week also.

Like Studnicki mentioned, practice the dismount and remount. That is where you can win or lose a race.
I know I should run more. Acutally, let me correct that. I should run.

My issue is two fold. I ran CC and track in HS. Kinda burned myself out on it. Then I'm also a big guy. Running isn't easy on my knees or feet. I bought a pair of Montrail shoes last year and tried 'em out, but I could hardly walk the next three days my feet hurt so much. I didn't anticipate that. I even ran trail, so impacts to my body would be 'lessened'. :shrugs: I dunno.

ya gotta start slow, and short...

no more than 5 minutes continuous running the first time out...

best advice i've been given when i started running for cross was walk 5, run 5, walk 5.

do that until you are comfortable, every other day, then increase that middle run slowly until you can run for 20 minutes...

even jogging slowly will give you a big improvement in cross...

but then don't let it take time away from your intervals and specific cycling training.
No no no. I started racing bikes to not run. Even when my coach, brian Conant, says "run once a week for 20-25 minutes" I don't. It would probably help, especially at courses that have alot of running, but I refuse.

Seriously i probably should but I just can't motivate myself to do it. I figure that run-ups and barie work we do a weekly cross practice should be enough, but maybe not.
As someone who is making a comeback to cycling after a long long break. I find that running once a week breaks up the routine a little and gets me a pretty brisk workout in a short period of time. I can imiagine that I am way at the bottom of the fitness scale of the majority of the people on this board, so take what I say with a lot of salt and maybe some butter too.


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