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What glue works best to glue some tire treads to the real slippery smooth soles of mtn bike shoes? Anybody?

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either fast tack or tubular glue should work. get it really clean, apply a layer on each first and let dry, then another thin one and set. what tire are you going to use? unlike with tires, if the gluing job isn't great you probably won't crash.

good luck! do you have carbon soled mtb shoes? are you going to cut any lugs out?
I have the Shimano M300 shoes. I read about guys cutting the "lugs out" but had no clue what they were talking about........ enlighten me.

The M300s are way slick on the toes and the arches, my huge feet keep slipping all over the pedals! I am also in that period where you are trying to remember how to clip in quickly but I am still retarded from road season and can't get smooth again.
molly cameron just talked about that here

tubular glue is a good choice -

and that's probably where ya heard the cutting the lugs out, eh? I haven't seen it in person but I might guess it would be the removal of the silver part of the sole between the fore-foot and the heal to make a flat surface for the tire tread?

i would guess that if you want that tire to stick the surface needs to be flat and smooth...

if you look at the sole of a Sidi Dragon (or most other SIDI) they look to be designed specifically for cross or pedaling while not clipped in in general... (or just use it as a guide for where to put the tire tread)

as far as where to clip in - just be patient and practice (before you start racing)
After reading Molly's bit, I took a Dremel to my Shimano shoes. I ground down the rearfoot lugs a bit just because they seem like overkill. I smoothed out the midfoot surface so it'd be more even for gluing. Then I cut a piece of old road tire to fit. Tried first with epoxy but it wouldn't really stay in place, and I wasn't gonna stand there holding it for 5 min until it set. So I pulled out the tubular glue--a coat on the tire, and coat on the the shoe, slapped 'em together, and clamped overnight. If Murphy's Law holds, after all this work, I should be sticking every clip-in 1st time.
I chopped up some clinchers from last year and covered every non cleated area of the shoe bottom with treads. Put one coat of conti glue on and then waited, then another coat and presto! a few rubber band and then stiffest running shoe known to man has been created. Let's race! 2 more weeks.


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