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I've never tried embrocation and since I Iive in Utah where it gets mighty cold in the Fall/Winter I'm thinking something to keep the legs warm sounds nice. What are some brands that you like? Do you prefer the mild stuff or go with the hot? Have you tried just using Icyhot or a similar product?

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I call that "helping other people share the joy of cx."

Also entertaining: wiping your hands, post-embrocating, on the general use hand towel in the bathroom.
please respect the cardinal rule of hot sauce on the legs: put shorts on first, roll up legs, THEN embrocate. if this is difficult to remember, consider the alternative. as you pull the chamois up over the hot sauce, some is bound to get smeared up into your private bits. this can be very uncomfortable. a mistake you only make once.
I like the Quoleum (sp?) Medium and Hot. If it's really cold (Michigan in December and January) I'll even put knee or leg warmers over the top of it. The alcohol cleaner is a must.

Once after using embrocation I showered after the race, thought I scrubbed it all off and went to bed ... only to wake up a few hours later with my legs on fire! Soap and water alone won't do it ... be warned! The tip about dressing first is also a must ... biggest mistake I ever made was putting on embrocation before popping in my contacts. I was crying like a baby at the start line! Man did that hurt ...


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