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Some folks have expressed interest in this. Would you be interested? Should it be domestic or international?

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no Christine? in the line up?

Seriously? damn that's pretty harsh treatment for one of the few US Pros living in Belgium full time... esp since she's a contributor (and a kick ass one at that) to CXMag...
actually she's there, maybe 7 from the bottom on riders 4, 5. i guess we were both blind.

jonathan baker, another one who was over there and got hurt, is also an option.

ping jake if you see anyone missing though. maybe some upstart junior that moved up?
damnit - i missed that scrolly wheel bar thing on the right...


so, how do i go about CHANGING my line up?

Resubmit your lineup and I'll readjust. :)
okay - well there - got it done!

Got it, and the necessary edits have been made.
55 entrants, including one Jeremy Powers, and still growing. Less than one week until the open of the UCI C1 Season. Get your research done and your forms in!
glad to know he is in on this, cause he is on my team! Kick booty JP
It's 6 short days until the rise of the 2008-2009 UCI C1/World Cup season, so six short days to settle on your picks and take a stab at cyclocross immortality.

With six days to go, 79 entrants have already been confirmed. Using the lone UCI C2 race that has happened already - the Steebergcross - as a means for projection, the trio of Valpartij NV, AKD1 and Mud, Mud and Mud (72) lead the way by a margin of 6 points over Soredog (66). Four more follow at 60 points. Will this be the ultimate sign of things to come? Think you can do better? The clear solution for early victory is to pick the Van(insert vowels here) clan of Sven Vanthourenhout, Klaas Vantornout and Dieter Vanthourenhout.

Sign up and be heard!
In addition, in the Professional ranks, Jeremy Powers leads, well, no one else, with 60 points, good enough for sixth overall (tied for 3rd if you count in those terms). Seems he's the odds on favorite to sweep the professional category.
Quick reminder to get your fantasy cyclocross entries in by Wednesday to have the full ability to get points for the season.

To answer all your questions: Yes I've been keeping track of UCI C2 races, but only so much as to test the system I'm using. It's a good thing that I did because I found a couple glitches that I hammered out and things are good to go.

To keep everyone updated: The best way to have gone about things was to load up with American Talent, as Tim Johnson, Jonathan Page, Jeremy Powers, Ryan Trebon, Wendy Simms and Susan Butler vaulted some teams into the stratosphere. Lars Boom ended the weekend as the obvious goat as the reigning world champ didn't score a single point. I fully expect that to change soon.

Here's how the top 5 from the weekend (not including the GP olomouc (not available at press time)) puts jlFc Racing on top with 247 points ahead of StickboyCX with 242 points and SAdamson and Brianail with 232 points.

UCI C1 begins in 2 days!
is there a link we can check out to see the standings?


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