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Wake up!

Tonight (Sunday) at 12:01am registration for crossnat's opens.

Who's registering?

What category are you racing?

Introduce yourself, I hope to meet all of you in KC this December!



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"All others will be drawn by lots, which is determined by order of registration " What does this mean? The order in which you registered (which seems fair, although since like a moron I thought that midnight on the 15th was tonight rather than 12:01 which was last night and now I am on the back row) or are they going to line us up based on some drawing out of a hat?
that just means registered riders are grouped in lots, maybe groups of 10, and the groups are by registered order, and they are called up in that order.

it was confusing on which day, since the KCCX site had listed two different days - the 14th (on the registration page) and 15th (on the home page) at midnight. the 14th at midnight would have been early, early sunday morn or sat night depending how you look at it.
What truly truly sucks about this whole thing is that I have only myself to blame and I really hate it when I am in that position... :)
that's a great blog entry atmo.

fwiw last year i was entry #4 in my field and they wouldn't let
me line up until row four was called. early this morning, i pulled
the trigger and was listed as entry #1 in my group, and i kept
refreshing the page for another 10 minutes to see who else was
up. then, an hour ago, i noticed a rider's name preceeded mine,
making me the second entry. i know he's not the national champion,
so how the fuck does the software work if my name is displaced
after the fact? my email confirmation has me completing the transaction
19 seconds after the site went live atmo.
wow, all that time you spend online, and still someone can push you out of first after the fact? very strange. who is it? they've got VIP privileges or had a great last minute attack.
Just got confirmation from my husband that the problem was indeed that the database wasn't querying the mountain bike licenses (as he wasn't able to register as it didn't recognize his license #). He had called Dirk at Sportsbaseonline last night about 12:30am and Dirk called him back a little bit ago to say the problem was fixed.

Well, that is good to know for next year's clusterf&%k. I guess I will have to drop another what, 60 bucks? Oh, but next year nats will be 55 bucks since it will sell out again this year at 50, up from 45 last year since it sold out and all. Free market economy since US(less)A Cycling does not actually RUN cyclo-cross. At all. Honestly, its not like this is not the same horror story every year since San Fran.

Anyway, I got all y'alls beat. I was up at 12:50A freakin' M and my power went out promptly at 12:53. Came back on at 1:55 and the ceiling fan coming on woke me up, so I tried again. With no love cause of my MTB license.

Ugh. How much do we pay them over there in CO again? And for what now? Somebody refresh my memory, I am a little groggy today.

WTF is up with querring the US(less)A Cycling (i am afraid that might be a habit forming until they stop treating cyclocross like special needs kids in former soviet countries) database?

Um... doesn't every rider have to show their damn license to pick up the number packet?

Why mess with the system, so someone screws up their number... it gets flagged at reg and well - gets sorted out then or the dude don't race... no license, no racing...

it is the national champ race put on by "US(less)A Cycling"

oh and it really should just be Cat 1 racers only... 4 real... u no cat 1? upgrade or stay home... but till they do something silly like that I'll probably keep trying to get to the ones i can...

MTB nats are so sparsely populated that they have to beg riders to show up and race...
Cyclocross doesn't seem to have that problem now does it...
well, the problem with constraining to Cat 1 is you've got a lot of areas like norcal, OR, CO, that either don't pay attention to categories (thus upgrading is a pain) or usa cycling doesn't run the local cycling, thus no upgrade points. sure you can hassle and petition an official but chances are usa cycling will have trouble dealing with all the requests, understandably. 'cross is for the people. I think all categories except elites should not be category constrained. once you start making everything super restrictive we'll feel like road racing. now we wouldn't want that would we?
I think it's time to start a new organization to sacntion cross races. Get OBRA to branch out. Their licenses are cheaper too. Besides, they may not put so many stupid rules in place like only one set of barriers. That leads to promoters having to spend extra time building steps and using "natural obstacles" such as playgrounds for sand pits etc. Leave the playgrounds for the families at the races.
one still has to ask one's self...Why not start reg at NOON? I mean, they get to PICK. WTF.
Well, I'm pretty fed up with the entire process and have nixed KCCX from my racing calender, for one thing, to have an "open" registration for a National Championship event is rediculous, especially before the season has even kicked off. There should be local qualifying races just like the Mountain Bike Championships require. If you finish top ten in your age classification in a qualifier you are in.
I tried to register for 30 minutes last eve, as well as many of my cross racing comrads, and we all could'nt get in. MY INFO IS CURRENT AND UPDATED and so is my profile info as I raced all summer in the MSC USA Cylcing series which requires a valid USA license. I sat and stared at my computer screen and finally said "F" it. After last year's scoring debacle in the Master's races in KCCX and now this I've had enough. I think I'll spend the money on a road trip up to Portland where I can have some real fun and not have to deal with the entire USA Cycling Debacle. Very frustrating and an incredibly unprofessional way to run a "National Championship" to those of you who got in, we got a bunch of pissed off campers here in my hood who could not register....
I'm out
Larry Grossman


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