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I made due with some crappy shoes last year and decided that I need some decent shoes for this season. What are your favorite shoes for $75 - $120?

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I'm using old Sidi Bullets that seem to be ok...right in that price range last I remember.
You should be able to find some of the older Shimano carbon shoes for that price. They were the official shoe of cross a couple of years ago. The newer shoes have a lot less tread and don't seem to be as popular. I'm told that will be addressed for 09.
Thanks, I'll check these out!
what type of foot do you have? that really can determine your options.

I'm a big fan of lake, and ride the mx165, which should be in that range. bomber tread (vibram) and laces & velcro. no buckles to get jammed.

been trying a new pair of northwave, outside of that budget, but with a ratchet that allows mini-releases of pressure. nice.

shimano has a lot of shoes within that range that should be decent.

time's newer shoes are decent, stiff, 3 velcro spots. older versions (non carbon) are super cheap on snackbar, but as always, you should buy local so you can try them on.

addidas shoes don't fit my feet - i have too low volume feet to get their closure system tight. good luck!
I'm glad you mentioned the Lake mx165, I had planned on checking them out and completely forgot about them. I like the Northwaves, though I've read that they run a kind of wide and I have very narrow feet. It sounds like I'd have the same problem with the Adidas shoes.
narrow feet too? lake's laces are the perfect solution with laces, just a bit heavy. northwaves, on the tightest setting, fit me okay too though. shimanos fit me fine. specialized has in the past long time ago.
I use my MTB shoes, 661 Attacks. They were under 100 bucks and I have beaten them pretty good with no problems. Decent traction, fit pretty snuggly, usually on sale somewhere
If they have your size:

These Lake's have carbon soles, are custom moldable, and are really the perfect racing shoe. At that price they're a steal. I've been racing them in cross and mountain for about 8 months and have zero complaints. They size about a half size big (a Sidi 42 fits me like a glove and a Lake 42 is a half size too big.)
Great suggestions. I'm pretty sure I'll go with some version of a Lake shoe, seems like they'll fit best. Both the mx165 and the mx400 look great. I just need to decide if I want to pony up the extra $$ to buy the 400's. Thanks.


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