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What are the best long fingered gloves for CX when it's warm / hot outside? What about when it's wet?

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I've had good luck with my Specialized Ridgeline gloves. They're lightweight, very breathable and have just enough padding.
I hate wearing gloves... I use fox lightweight ones and I would love to find something more lightweight.... like lycra with light leather bottoms? Only reason I wear gloves is because you do tend to crash a ton more in cross than any other discipline.

I don't even wear gloves on the MTB... SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!
Try the 661 gloves. They have a model that's a mesh back and thin palm. Defeet makes a really thin glove as well, but it's kinda warm. Worth checking out.

I've worn a ton of different gloves. Fox, Specialized and Oakley all make good gloves. You can just about wear the same thing when it's wet/cold since you're generating so much heat.
Agreed, I have some 661 gloves that I use for mountain biking and 'cross, until it gets REALLY cold. I don't remember the exact item but they're light gloves and have survived numerous crashes.
I'm partial to Descente DNA XC gloves. They've got everything I want in a full-fingered glove: snug fit, no velcro, minimal padding, well ventilated and no slip stuff on the brake fingers.
I really like my AXO sport gloves, picked em up with a gift certificate to Price point... super pleased, wishin i'd bought a couple pairs instead of some of the other stuff I got...

and the colors match my team kit - so extra PRO style to boot
For warm weather, the 661 Raji can't be beat. Super thin in the palm and nothing but mesh on the back. Not even velcro on the wrist, just a bit of elastic. For cool, especially if it's wet, I like the Defeet Dura wool glove. They are comfy, the wool continues to insulate even in the wet, are thinner thinner than most insulated winter style gloves, and are tough enough to laugh off a few crashes without ripping.
I've been wearing Fox Incline gloves. I like them so far; thin unpadded synthetic leather palm and thin lycra/cordura back, with a nose wipe and a small velcro tab for tightening them.

Got a pair of Fly Racing Kinetic gloves from Motorcycle Superstore:

Really like them a lot -- even down to the motocross look. Not padded, but just added grip, good silicone ink on the fingers for brake lever control.


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